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  • Posted By: Imran Jalali 7/7/2019

  • I have been learning from Best Dot Net Training since last year, I found  Mr. Sandeep, Mr. Rahul are excellent trainers and knows their  subjects very well. It's quite hard to find such trainers  who can brings attention to details of the subject. This is perhaps the best site to learn .NET related training.

  • Posted By: Mohan Billakanti 5/21/2019

  • I have attended AZ 100 +AZ 101 + AZ 203 training by Sandeep Soni. Sandeep covers all the topics in detail, and demonstrate all the features in class using Azure portal/power shell/visual studio. His course material is awesome, it is very simple and with detailed steps to achieve desired functionality. It helps us to practice what we have learnt/saw in class.  He gives everybody a chance to ask questions, and address them all with lot of patience. He is always willing to help you in different ways, be it answering your real time scenarios or preparing for certification exams etc.

    If we attend this course, and practice all the topics as given in handouts/material, I am pretty sure we can clear the certification easily. I personally cleared AZ-100 successfully with his guidance and by practicing all the topics.

    One thing I would like to point out is, I am a Developer by role, and has very limited knowledge about Networking. Sandeep’s Azure Virtual Networking classes were really awesome, he covers all the basics in detail and it helped me understand things better.

    Thank you Sandeep for all the help and support.  I really recommend this course to any professional who is seeking a career in azure or interested in learning azure.

  • Posted By: kishore 4/5/2019

  • I had Azure Advanced Training and found its really very useful . Mr Sandeep carefully balanced the time with Theory, practicals and breaks so that we are completely engaged and learned vast number of topics in 5 days.
    I am very Thankful to him

  • Posted By: veluri haritha 3/29/2019

  • You are an incredible trainer and I am so grateful for your guidance and training through this whole week on azure. I have learned many new things on azure and really enjoyed the whole session and please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your time, support and patience.

  • Posted By: Dipanjan 3/29/2019

  • Training on Azure 203 certification course is very good. I have learned a lot of new things and understand concepts. The Demo was very good.

  • Posted By: Shaik Ejaz 3/29/2019

  • Sandeep,

    Your Way of teaching is very nice and effective, I can say i am totally a Infra managing resource but i have understood the development part very well however i need to focus more on that part. I also wondering for 100 and 101 course details as well.

  • Posted By: Pallavi 3/29/2019

  • Sandeep Soni exhibit great understanding of cloud technology and was well updated with Azure content during training. He has ability to relate use cases with real world scenarios which is really great. What better could be done is, giving more detailed handout material with screenshots.

  • Posted By: sree pooja 3/29/2019

  • The trainer (Sandeep Soni ) is very interactive. He gave us time for hands-on experience.

  • Posted By: ABHISHEK BHAGYAWAR 3/29/2019

  • Each and every topic was clearly explained. Me being a non developer was able to understand all the concepts easily. Completely satisfied with the Azure 203 training.

  • Posted By: Kartik Sharma 3/29/2019

  • Sandeep Soni, is an exceptional trainer with sound knowledge about what he speaks. Really appreciate his effort in making us digest the content. Best Azure development training attended till date.

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