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Manual Testing

Learn the process of using a software application to make sure it is bug free and user friendly.

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  • Manual Testing Introduction
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Manual Testing

In this manual testing online training, you will be trained to manually execute the testing scripts without using any automated devices. The objective of manual testing is to find the critical bugs and their sources which are difficult to find through automated tools.

It is essential to perform manual testing before delivering the software to the automated testing process. Manual testing does not require knowledge about testing tools. Test cases will help you to deliver error-free software that is able to work in specified functional areas.

This manual testing online training focuses on delivering knowledge about SDLC, STLC, BLC, Azure DevOps Test plans, and more.

About Software Testing Package offered by Deccansoft

Software testing is a money-saver package that includes manual testing and selenium automated testing with C# and Java, along with basics of C# and Java (up to OOPs concepts)

When software is developed, it goes under various testing methodologies to prove its reliability. The basic truth of software testing is 100% automated testing is not possible. So, testing the software manually is important for a professional tester to deliver eligible software. In this Testing package, a professional software tester will train you in performing Manual testing from scratch and cover all aspects related to software testing.

Stages of Manual Testing

  • Unit testing - This method tests the functionality of the individual components according to the requirements. The early-stage bugs will be identified and resolved using Unit testing.
  • Integration testing - A series of units are integrated to execute the testing process and the results show how different components are worked together to provide the desired results.
  • System testing- This method includes multiple testing to validate system performance for required functionalities. The testing methodologies involve Regression testing, stress testing, functionality testing, and more.
  • Integration testing - Under this testing, the whole application will be executed for the real-time working scenario. It includes both internal and external testing nature for final verification.

Manual Testing-The Actual Procedure

  • Create the exact test plans according to the software requirements.
  • Write specific test scripts which cover all requirements explained in the document.
  • Review the test scripts by the QA team.
  • Execute the testing scripts and identify the bugs and their exact source.
  • Report the bugs to the development team with the proper report.
  • If once the bugs are fixed, execute the failed scripts again to recheck the fixes.

Advantages of Manual Testing

  • It is useful when sudden changes are implemented and executed in any application.
  • It identifies the critical bug which includes visual components like layout, text, and more.
  • Low-cost operation compared with testing tools.

Benefits of Software Testing Package

  • Learn Manual testing + Selenium testing + Basics of C# and Java in one package and become a Test Expert
  • Get the opportunity to learn from the industry expert and polish up your testing skills.
  • Practice with different testing tools and different testing approaches.
  • Discover the complete testing scripts to experience the live testing scenarios.


Mr. Shyam Prakash, Software Test Lead with 4+ years experience in Deccansoft Software Services.

He is an excellent trainer with vast experience in several projects as a Test Engineer at Deccansoft. He is a specialist in Manual and Automation Testing (Selenium) and other tools with real time experience and has taught well over 30 batches.

  1. For Manual Testing, there is no need for any prior knowledge
  2. For Selenium Testing, you need to have some basic knowledge of C# and Java on OOPs concepts.
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