Knockout JS Online Training

Do Web Application Development using Knockout JS

Learn and create rich, responsive display and edit user interfaces with a compact underlying data model.

$25 / ₹1875 for 6 Months

9 Modules

5.5 Hours

Course Modules

Knockout JS is a famous JavaScript library and most organizations would like to adopt it because of its popularity. Due to its popularity, there is a demand in the market for Knockout JS certified professionals. This Knockout JS online training will give you in-depth knowledge of Knockout JS functionalities with minimal lines of code.

Knockout JS

This standalone library is useful for creating rich, responsive displays and editor interfaces with the clean model. Knockout will be a great option to utilize simple and maintainable binding and dependency tracking. This independent framework is based on the MVVM design pattern to support the programmer in building rich/responsive websites. This Knockout JS Training delivers quality training that covers fundamental knowledge on s with a Hands-on practice.

Why should you go with Knockout JS online training?

It offers MVVN patterns that support project design architecture and it also supports other string-based templating. Using Knockout js you can create templates to render HTML for single/multiple elements in an array. Through declarative binding, you can connect parts of your UI to your data model.

Who can join in this Knockout JS Online Training?

  • People interested in learning a powerful and in-demand JavaScript library
  • Developers who want to apply the Model-View-ViewModel pattern
  • Developers wishing to benefit from declarative binding, automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking, and templating in their web applications

Course Objectives - Knockout JS

  • Understanding Model-View-ViewModel pattern using Knockout.js
  • Understanding Data Binding Techniques.
  • Creating Custom Bindings.
  • Debugging Techniques.
  • Working with Forms.


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This course is designed for individuals with an intermediate knowledge on JavaScript and any one of the web development technologies.

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