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What are Enterprise Applications?

Enterprise Applications (EA) are a software solution that provide business logic and tools to model entire business processes for organisations to improve productivity and efficiency.

What is N-Tier Architecture?

That means that these different functions are hosted on several machines or clusters, ensuring that services are provided without resources being shared and, as such, these services are delivered at top capacity. The “N” in the name n-tier architecture refers to any number from 1.

Why are Enterprise Applications important to Data Quality?

Enterprise Application systems are regularly the central hub for a large variety of data arriving from a large amount of sources. Therefore they are useful for integrating contact data validation and enhancement solutions as you can guarantee all data then entering the system is of high quality. EA systems integrated with these solutions will help drive:

  • Good customer relationships
  • Improved organisation efficiency
  • Data-driven insights that are accurate

Benefits of Enterprise Application:

  • Improvement in management and sharing of data
  • Automation of the workflow
  • Flexibility in IT infrastructure
  • Creating new opportunities
  • Increasing efficiency

Course Objectives

  • You will go one step ahead in programming by segregating the code into various tiers using N-Tier Architecture, including User Registration & Login Modules.
  • You will understand the difference between Authentication and Authorization in this Live Project which uses two parts- Admin and User, who has different rights.
  • This project is built using technologies like ASP.NET MVC, N-tier, Linq and Entity Framework.


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