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What is SSAS?

SQL Server Analysis services (SSAS) is a multi-dimensional OLAP server as well as an analytics engine that allows you to slice and dice large volumes of data. It is part of Microsoft SQL Server and helps perform analysis using various dimensions. It has 2 variants Multidimensional and Tabular. The SSAS full form is SQL Server Analysis Services.

Type of Models in SSAS

  • Multi-Dimensional Data Model
  • Tabular Modeling

Key Features of SSAS

  • It offers backward compatibility on the API level
  • You can use OLEDB for OLAP for the client access API and MDX as a query language
  • SSAS helps you to build MOLAP, HOLAP, and ROLAP architectures
  • It allows you to work on client-server mode or offline mode
  • You can use SSAS tool with different wizards and designers
  • Data model creation and management is flexible
  • Customize application from extensive support
  • Offers Dynamic structure, Ad hoc Report, Shared metadata, and Security features

Advantages of SSAS

  • Helps you to avoid resource contention with the source system
  • It is an ideal tool for numeric analysis.
  • SSAS enables the discovery of data patterns that may not be immediately apparent using the data mining features built into the product.
  • It offers a unified and integrated view of all your business data Reporting, analysis of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards Data mining.
  • SSAS offers online analytic processing (OLAP) of data from different data sources.
  • It allows users to analyze data with a host of tools, including SSRS and Excel.

Course Objectives

  • Understand need of OLAP.
  • Learn basic concepts related to OLAP like Cube, Dimension, Measures, Dimension Table, Fact Table, Hierarchies etc.
  • Understand Star and Snow Flake Schema.
  • Use SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) to develop OLAP Database.
  • Work with Data Source and data Source View.
  • Develop Cube using Cube Wizard.
  • Create Dimensions using Wizard and Designer.
  • Work with Regular, Snow Flake and Time Dimension.
  • Configure Attribute properties, Understand Natural Hierarchies and Unnatural Hierarchies.
  • Work with attribute relationship, Role playing dimension.
  • Work with measure group, adding removing measures.
  • Understand relationships like Fact relationship, referenced relationship etc.
  • Work with Calculation, Named Query and Named Calculation.
  • Work with KPI, Perspective, Translation.
  • Work with Partition, Aggregation.
  • Understand different storage modes like ROLAP, MOLAP and HOLAP.
  • Work with Security, Roles.
  • Understand Processing and Deployment.
  • Learn MDX (Multidimensional Expressions Language).


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Mrs. Vandana Soni is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Azure Data Engineer Associate, and a Software and Corporate Trainer. With 25 years of IT experience, she is adept Corporate Training, Live Training, and Online Webinars.

She has trained 50,000+ individuals all over the world and delivered 50+ Corporate Training all over India and abroad in the following technologies. She specializes in Data Analytics, SQL Server Training, and giving Certification Guidance to Corporates. As an Azure Data Engineer, she has the confidence in teaching from basics to advanced level topics, covering every aspect in detail.


Participants should have knowledge on SQL Server.

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