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Learn from AWS experts. Advance your skills and knowledge. Build your future in the AWS Cloud.

$185 / ₹15000 for 6 Months
Course Modules
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As organizations expect certified cloud experts to enhance their business goals, it is necessary for every individual to upgrade themself with cloud certifications. Expand your AWS knowledge with our constantly-updated AWS online training and meet organizational goals.

This AWS online tutorial will start from scratch, so whether you are a fresher, or already experienced in the cloud, you can sharpen your AWS knowledge. This online course will be more effective in your job role, thereby, securing your high pay job in the organization.

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AWS gives services on building blocks that are utilized to develop and deploy various kinds of applications within the cloud. It has the features of on-demand computing resources and its services with pay-as-you-go pricing. The server which runs on AWS will help you perform surfing, configure, secure, and run even as we'd do on a server that's sitting before folks and it provides many of the identical benefits. This AWS online tutorial is based on learning by doing concepts where you can get knowledge on real-time based scenarios.

What will you learn within the online AWS training certification course?

  • Creating and Managing AWS EC2 VM instances
  • Cost-evaluation and cost-control mechanisms
  • Elastic Load Balancing on multiple EC2 instances
  • AWS Storage S3 service
  • Serverless Architecture AWS Lambda
  • AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Data ingress and egress on AWS
  • Identifying relevant and suitable uses of AWS architecture
  • Determining the right AWS supported computational, database, and security needs
  • AWS Queue SQS
  • AWS EC2 auto-scaling

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Target Audience of AWS Online Training

  • Any IT professional who wishes to become AWS Developer Associate
  • Anyone who wants to start their career in AWS
  • Those who want to incorporate their own enterprises with AWS.
  • Solution Architects or Programmers looking to proceed with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications or change data to amazon web services from existing data centers
  • System Administrators and Network Administrators


Input symbols

  • Knowledge of Operating Systems
  • Knowledge of Virtualization
  • Knowledge of Networking
  • Knowledge of different types of applications and deployments.
  • Coding skills (Good To Have)
Frequently Asked Questions:

Does BestDotNetTraining offer any Live Projects?

Yes. With every course, you will be given a sample project document which contains complete source code. We also have a special course on Developing Live Project which will help you to learn the process involved in all the stages of application development. For more details, please check page, Live Project Training.

What do I get when I take this subscription?

You will be able to do following things for each of the module -
  1. Video Access for the time period mentioned in the subscription.
  2. Course material in PDF format - You can download and save them for future reference.
  3. Assignments - Every module has assignment for you to practice. We also provide solutions for most of the assignments.
  4. Interview Questions - In every module, we provide you with a set of interview questions, both descriptive and multiple choice.
  5. Online Exam - You can evaluate where you stand in the subject with our online exams.
  6. Tech Support - There are SMEs for any kind of questions you may have while practicing the subject.

What are the software requirements for online classes?

You need to have the latest version of Visual Studio .NET i.e., VS.NET 2019 installed on your machine. You can download the trial version from the links below.
Visual Studio 2019 Visual Studio 2019
SQL Server 2017 SQL Server 2017 Express edition
SharePoint2019 SharePoint Server 2019
SharePoint2013 SharePoint Designer 2013
MS-Office 2019 MS-Office 2019
Bestdotnet google plus