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Arun George

We recently had a three-day Azure overview training handled by Sandeep Soni.Post the training, the team endorsed that the training was totally engaging, interactive and informational. Sandeep Soni stands out in the following

He has an in-depth knowledge of the entire Azure offering. Because of this, he was able to dynamically adjust the topics based on the flow of
the sessions and do justice to all the topics he picked up.
Ability to talk both to the experienced and the fresher in the
audience at appropriate levels, hence making it engaging for both the
Passion for teaching. His energy and passion for teaching kept the
the entire group interested from start to end.
His thorough understanding of the basics of Programming, Net, and Azure coupled with his focus on hands-on labs ensured that the sessions were
hands-on and didn't end up being theory oriented lectures.

Posted Date: 11/1/2017
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Suchandra Chakraborty

Lots of thanks to Mr. Sandeep Soni sir, his way of teaching is too good and helpful also, really amazing, I feel very happy to learn his video courses, I am more clear after watching his video courses, I want more course videos and material for those who want to learn.

Posted Date: 9/15/2017
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Paritosh Pandey

Amazing experience.
The best .net training possible with relevant examples and hands-on experience. The class builds up from scratch exposing problems and developing solutions as it fares, and providing complete insight into future development in additional languages.

Posted Date: 8/23/2017
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Prajjval Verma

Being a Mechanical Engineering Graduate, I had very little exposure to the coding domain. The structure of the course is designed in way such that anyone from any background can easily learn most of the things. Since this course was condensed to a 10 day course, so it’s practically impossible to remember everything at once but I’m sure with continuous practice it will be all good.

Posted Date: 8/23/2017
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Haripada Maity

I am having an experience of 2 and half years in software development domain. I have knowledge in C/C++ and Linux. I have taken a good step by choosing Sandeep sir on behalf on Deccansoft. I got sufficient knowledge on .NET (Visual Basic) from him. The way of explaining things by real time examples are just awesome. I will recommend Deccansoft for VB Training.

Posted Date: 8/23/2017
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Kakunuri Sreenu

Training experience is excellent. He is not like a regular trainer who teaches concepts In a abstract manner. He makes us to understand very minute details of the language and why different features are incorporated in the language. It gives us a very good understanding of the language. After attending the classes we will be able to come up with an efficient solution (In terms of what ae the class names, how the classes has to be communicated) for every given application.

Posted Date: 8/23/2017
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Preethi Reddy

I feel blessed and proud  to be part of Deccansoft Solution .
The clarity which I received really made me to love Dotnet.
Prior to the technical knowledge  I gained confidence with lot of clarity.
Thank you sir and you are the best

Posted Date: 3/30/2016
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Dabeer Mallik

I am a seventy year old “Baba” who had been out of touch with programming for some twenty years. When I wanted to get back, I found that all the technology has changed; OOPs, ADO, ASP and  LINQ are some of the examples. Getting a lead job requires in depth knowledge or why and how – that is hard to find.
I stumbled onto Sandeep’s video and bought his course. After some five/six months I applied for five different jobs in one week – I passed four technical interviews in a row and got four job offers.  Thank You Sandeep. He has a complete syllabus if you follow his instructions you can be a pro in no time. This can be an ideal course for Universities all over the world.   If anyone wishes to talk to me in person, you may provide them my phone and email contact

Posted Date: 1/21/2016
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