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1 Year of Unlimited access to all our live courses and Recorded Videos

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12-months access to Azure Portal in Deccansoft Shared Subscription
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With 40+ technology courses on our portal, Bestdotnettraining hosted by Deccansoft provides the BIGGEST money-saver technology package on our online portal. In this money-saver GOLD Membership package, you not only get EVERY course subscription on our website for a year, but also get access to EVERY LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING BATCHES coming up by the team Deccansoft, including Webinars, Conferences, Bootcamps, Tech-support and more.

We have a special WhatsApp group for Gold family, wherein you get extra attention, immediate response to your tech queries, updates on upcoming live technology events, tech support, career guidance and special learning path guidance for Azure aspirants.

With special attention for one complete year, Gold membership is the best package for anyone who is a tech geek and wants to become a technology Guru.

*New benefits are applicable for Azure batches from April 2022

Premium Live Courses included in the GOLD package.

+ All Pre-Recorded Video Access For Our Cources

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Career Counselling - Directly connect with Mr.Sandeep Soni, ( 27+ Yrs Exp) on call or Whatsapp for career counselling or any other guidance and queries.

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One time processing fees*   : Rs. 641/-
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