A potential tester needs to be familiar with both manual testing as well as automated testing to deliver reliable output. Software Testing Online Training is a package of manual testing and automated testing with C# and Java. In this software testing online training, you will learn all testing tools from scratch to get started with testing web apps.

Benefits of Software Testing Online Training

Manual Testing - You will learn about SDLC, STLC, BLC, and Azure DevOps Test plans, and more..

Selenium with Java - You will be working on Frameworks, Web Driver, Testing, Maven, POM, cucumber, and more..

Selenium with C# - You will be working on the entire Frameworks Web Driver, NUnit, POM, and more..

​​C# Basics – you will also get access to video tutorials on C# basics including OOPs concepts

Core Java Basics – You will also get access to video tutorials on Core Java fundamentals and OOPs concepts

What is Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver allows you to create a new test script in various programming languages like C#, Java, and more. Based on scripts it will test web pages associated with different web browsers and various operating systems. Having a basic knowledge of programming languages is enough to write test scripts. GUI-based selenium IDE  tools will help you to perform testing effectively.

Understand Selenium with C# and Java

With C#, you can design an application with visual studio on the .Net framework. It supports selenium binding language along with updated java platforms. It has inbuilt functions that give faster development and debugging results.

Writing test scripts using java languages has more benefits than any other language. Because Java is more widely used in all commercial applications so that integrating  Selenium with java supports most applications.  Furthermore, java is easy to integrate different tools like Jenkins, Maven, and Docker to perform a continuous testing approach.

Who Should take the Software Testing Package?

This software testing online training designed for both Freshers and Experienced.
The training methodology involves hands-on sessions that will train you for real-time work nature.
Trained by Real Time working Testing Professionals will train you and support you throughout the journey.

Package Details

Software Testing Online Training

Special Offer on this package Fee : $185 or ₹15,000  $155/- or ₹12500/-

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