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Expand your skills in testing on thousands of mobiles using Selenium with C# certification course

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About Software Testing Package offered by Deccansoft

Software testing is a package of selenium WebDriver with C# and java and manual testing

Automated Selenium supports multiple language platforms like java, C#, Python to execute the test cases. Using selenium with C#, one can design a flexible, scalable, and robust framework for testing automation. Selenium with C# is the most simple and basic testing methodology which will make your tests easier to read and maintain. This software testing online training provides complete design patterns to create your selenium WebDriver C# automation framework.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium is an open-source web UI-based testing method that automates testing scripts. Selenium WebDriver is a framework/template that allows you to perform cross-server tests. It is a recent version of selenium RC to overcome a few drawbacks. With Selenium WebDriver, you can integrate a few testing tools like Sikuli, AutoIT for reliable test results. The Components of the selenium WebDriver framework are

  • Selenium Client library
  • JSON wire protocol over HTTP
  • Browser Drivers
  • Browsers

Selenium WebDriver with C#

C# is the object-oriented programming language used to build a variety of applications that are enabled to run in the .NET ecosystem. To perform automated testing with C#, you should configure selenium with visual studio. C# allows the tester to perform selenium binding that is updated along with the java program. Selenium with C# supports easy debugging and instant results.

In this software testing online training, you will be trained on the complete frameworks of WebDriver using C#, NUnit, POM, design patterns of testing scripts, and more.

How to perform Automated selenium testing using C#

The below processes will be followed to configure selenium with visual studio in C#. This setup aims to provide a friendly outcome that is easy to explore and understand.

  • Download and install C# IDE (Visual Studio)
  • Create a new project in Visual Studio
  • Add References in Visual Studio.
  • Write a Selenium test script using C#
  • Run Selenium test script in Visual Studio

Benefits of Software Testing Package

  • Learn Manual testing + Selenium testing + Basics of C# and Java in one package and become a Test Expert
  • Get the opportunity to learn from the industry expert and polish up your testing skills.
  • Practice with different testing tools and different testing approaches.
  • Discover the complete testing scripts to experience the live testing scenarios.


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An excellent trainer in Selenium with Java technologies, He has a professional experience over 2 years in testing field.

He trained more than 10 batches including classroom and online classes. He has good knowledge in testing tools like manual testing,selenium with C# .

  • Basic knowledge on C#.
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Does BestDotNetTraining offer any Live Projects?

Yes. With every course, you will be given a sample project document which contains complete source code. We also have a special course on Developing Live Project which will help you to learn the process involved in all the stages of application development. For more details, please check page, Live Project Training.

What do I get when I take this subscription?

You will be able to do following things for each of the module -
  1. Video Access for the time period mentioned in the subscription.
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  3. Assignments - Every module has assignment for you to practice. We also provide solutions for most of the assignments.
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  5. Online Exam - You can evaluate where you stand in the subject with our online exams.
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What are the software requirements for online classes?

You need to have the latest version of Visual Studio .NET i.e., VS.NET 2019 installed on your machine. You can download the trial version from the links below.
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