How it works?

Why Deccansoft:

Deccansoft Software Services carries a legacy of 22 years and is a professionally managed organization having major services in Training, Development and Support.

Our team under the leadership of Mr. Sandeep Soni, always remains updated and quickly adapt new technology innovations. We work together and strive to remain ahead of others in the industry in technologies related to us.

We ensure that based on the requirement of the seeker, we can map it to the best available resource who has good working knowledge in the technology needed to solve the problem.

We also use services of some well evaluated freelancers interested in utilizing their free time to make some additional money by providing their expert services.

We at Deccansoft aim to also train you so that in the long run you are able to do things independently and refer us to your friends.

Packages offered:

Minimum 5 Hours to be used in 15 days $15/- per hour
Minimum 15 Hours to be used in a month $12 per hour
70 hours per month* $600/- per month
Dedicated resource who will work on your project alone* $1100 per month

* You will get FREE Access to All our courses on

It is a premium service we provide and based on that, an alternative will be provided if either the concerned developer is absent, or not able to resolve the issue.

Payment Mode:You can pay using Credit Card (Visa / Master) or PayPal (5% extra fees) or ZOOM or Western Union.


The Support session by Deccansoft is delivered in a professional way and time bounded as per my expectations Thank you so much to MVC Associate. – Ramesh (Dallas-USA)

The Support Session by Deccansoft is helped me to resolve my issues in the job I was facing in production issues which are time bounded and I am very happy to show my face to client with help of Deccansoft Thank you so much to .NET Core Associate. –Raju

Consultants are very responsible what they are committed on deliveries. Simply I can delegate task and remove the task burden - Vani (Perth- Australia)

For more details please contact:
Mr. Sandeep Soni +91 98490 01840,
He is also available on "WhatsApp"

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