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AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

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Course Modules
  • What is Cloud Computing
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  • Cloud Characteristics
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  • Cloud Computing Service Models
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  • Deployment Models in Cloud Computing
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Microsoft's AZ-204 certification exam allows developers to demonstrate their expertise in strategizing, building, evaluating, and managing cloud-based services and applications designed specifically for the Azure platform. There are a wide range of subjects that are critical for the exam. Topics like Azure SDKs, various data storage options, login-protected apps, cloud-based apps, and troubleshooting issues are all covered in the exam. A developer can become a Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate by passing the AZ-204 exam, which validates their proficiency in designing and developing cloud solutions with Azure's services, tools, and developments. To progress in their careers as cloud application developers on the Microsoft Azure platform, developers should consider earning this certification.

Azure Developing Solution Course Objectives:

  • Understanding overall purpose of cloud computing.
  • Provisioning and Deploying Web Based UI applications to Azure Service.
  • Understanding when to perform horizontal and vertical scaling.
  • Monitoring application performance and other metrics.
  • Able to use Storage account for uploading and downloading files to and from an Application.
  • Basic understanding of NoSQL Storage using Table API.
  • Executing background tasks using Serverless Azure Function App.
  • Exploring the features of API Management for exposing RESTFull API's
  • Developing Asynchronous communicating applications using Service Bus Queue and Topics.
  • Storing and accessing secrets securely.
  • Building workflows using Logic App without writing any code.
  • Overview of Microservices Architecture.
  • Building secure web-based applications using Azure AD.
  • Writing Terraform scripts for IaC .

About AZ-204: Microsoft Azure Developing Solution Course.

Microsoft offers a certification called "Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure," or AZ-204 exam, to verify developers' knowledge and proficiency in creating and implementing cloud solutions on the Azure network. It is expected that applicants will demonstrate proficiency in setting up security, integrating Azure services, constructing Azure functions, utilising Azure storage solutions, and utilising Azure services such as Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Web Apps, and Azure Active Directory. In the field, this certification is highly valued and can lead to a variety of career advancement opportunities in Azure development and cloud computing. Enhancing credibility and marketability in the job market, it acts as an acknowledged validation of a developer's proficiency with Azure technologies.

Know your trainer better

Sandeep Soni, the accomplished CEO of Deccansoft, has an impressive 27+ years of experience as a renowned software and corporate trainer . He has extensive experience as a software architect and has expertly managed many development projects at Deccansoft. Because of his unwavering commitment to training, he has developed a wealth of expertise in providing customized training solutions that meet client needs. During his successful career, Sandeep Soni has mentored and guided over 200K students, as well as 270K corporate professionals.

AZ- 204 Exam Objectives

  1. Develop Azure compute solutions:
    • Implement IaaS solutions.
    • Create Azure App Service Web Apps
    • Implement Azure functions.
  2. Develop for Azure storage:
    • Develop solutions that use Azure Blob storage.
    • Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB storage.
    • Develop solutions that use Azure Table storage.
  3. Implement Azure security:
    • Implement user authentication and authorization.
    • Implement secure cloud solutions.
    • Implement API management.
  4. Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions:
    • Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions.
    • Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging.
    • Integrate Azure services with third-party services.
  5. Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services:
    • Develop an App Service Logic App
    • Integrate Azure Search within solutions.
    • Establish API Gateways
  6. Create and deploy Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates:
    • Create ARM templates.
    • Deploy ARM templates.
  7. Implement solutions that use virtual machines (VM):
    • Provision VMs
    • Configure VMs for remote access.

Benefits of Learning Azure DevOps from Bestdotnettraining

  • You will get 2 month portal access for practice (Shared Subscription with Deccansoft) - Applicable for live batches.
  • You will get 6 months of pre-recorded video access.
  • One year of live training access (You can attend all the live batches for your course multiple times in one year)
  • Learning from Microsoft Certified Trainer will increase your potential and you may have a higher probability to clear the exam.
  • Detailed and Complete Azure Tutorial/ Azure Course Syllabus prepared by Mr. Sandeep Soni himself and the same can be used for practice and reference.

Payment Options including EMI

Fees for AZ-204: Microsoft Azure Developing Solution: $185/ ₹15000 with 6 months video access.

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Bestdotnettraining is the best place to get your AZ-204: Microsoft Azure Developing Solution certification. Our thorough curriculum covers all exam topics, and our knowledgeable instructors offer real-world perspectives. We provide flexible learning options, such as self-paced courses and virtual classrooms, and hands-on labs ensure practical skills. Our certification advice includes practise tests and winning strategies. Join our community to connect with colleagues and gain access to our successful certifications, which have a solid track record. Bestdotnettraining is your go-to partner for DevOps career advancement because we also offer ongoing support throughout your certification journey.


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Mr. Sandeep Soni, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and an Azure Architect is one of the most famous Azure trainers in the market. He is a software and corporate trainer with 27+ years of training experience.

Mr. Soni regularly conducts Live batches and webinars on Microsoft Azure. He has conducted over 200+ live online batches and has personally trained over 100,000 students.

  • Basic understanding of DevOps principles and practices.
  • Software development skills and experience with version control (e.g., Git).
  • Knowledge of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts.
  • Understanding of containerization technologies (e.g., Docker).
  • Familiarity with operating systems (Windows and Linux).
  • Basic knowledge of networking and security principles.
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