Developing N-tier Architecture Online

Live Project using N-tier Arch (.NET5 + EF Core + Angular)

Learn how to Build Modern SPA Applications using N-Tier Architecture from Ground-up.

$15 / ₹1125 for 6 Months

7 Modules

5.05 Hours

Course Modules

About this Workshop:

If you have the programming language knowledge and basics of a few technologies, but need hands-on training in building applications from ground-up, then this training suits you the best!

This is a Live Hands-on Workshop by Sandeep Soni. In this live project hands-on training, Sandeep will teach you how to Build Modern SPA Applications using N-Tier Architecture from scratch.

What are the Benefits of N-Tier Architecture?

There are several benefits to using n-tier architecture for your software. These are scalability, ease of management, flexibility, and security.

  • Secure: You can secure each of the three tiers separately using different methods.
  • Easy to manage: You can manage each tier separately, adding or modifying each tier without affecting the other tiers.
  • Scalable: If you need to add more resources, you can do it per tier, without affecting the other tiers.
  • Flexible: Apart from isolated scalability, you can also expand each tier in any manner that your requirements dictate.

Additional benefits are as follows:

  • More efficient development.
  • Easy to add new features.
  • Easy to reuse.

What you will learn from this hands-on training?

  • Introduction to N-Tier Architecture.
  • Working with Business and Data Access Objects.
  • Writing Generic Repositories
  • Building Web-API Controllers
  • Building MVC Client using Razor Views
  • Building Angular Client
  • Deploying the Application to Azure


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Mr. Sandeep Soni, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and an Azure Architect is one of the most famous Azure trainers in the market. He is a software and corporate trainer with 27+ years of training experience.

Mr. Soni regularly conducts Live batches and webinars on Microsoft Azure. He has conducted over 200+ live online batches and has personally trained over 100,000 students.

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