About Courses

Does Best DotNet Training offers Any Live Projects?

Yes, with every course we have a sample project document along that contains complete source code.

We also provide a special course on developing live project which will help you to learn the process involved in all the stages of application development.For more details please check" Live Projects "page.

What is the pre-requisite to MS.NET training?

The subscriber should have knowledge of any one programming language. It can be C or any one of its equivalents.

Do I need to know Object Orientation to learn MS.NET?

No, its not required to know C++ or any other object oriented language.
Object Orientation will be covered in depth as part of the curiculum.
Following are What you will be able to do for each of the module
  1. Video Access for the perios mentioned in the subscription
  2. Course Material in PDF format - you can download and save them for future references
  3. Assignments-For you to practise the subject learnt over a period of time. We also provide solutions for most of the assignments
  4. InterviewQuestions - In every module we provide you with a set of interview questions
  5. Online Exam - You can evaluate yourself and you can do the same for each and every module
  6. Tech Support - For any kind of questions you may have while practising the subject

What are the Software Requirements for online classes?

You need to have latest version of Visual Studio .NET i.e:VS.NET 2017 installed on your machine and no additional software is required.You can download the trial version from here.
Links for downloading the required software (Some are free and some are free trials)
Visual C#.Net 2010 Express
Visual Basic 2010 Express
Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
Visual Studio 2010 Express All-In-One ISO
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Trial-ISO
SQL Server Express
SharePoint 2010
Windows Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2008 R2
SharePoint Server 2010
SharePoint Designer 2010
Search Server 2010 Express
MS-Office 2010

What are System Hardware Requirements?

Following are the System Hardware Requirements:
  1. XP/Vista/7 or higher
  2. 2.0 GHz processor or higher
  3. 512MB of system memory
  4. Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 64MB of graphics memory
  5. 32MB free hard drive*
  6. 1024x768 screen resolution
  7. Audio Output
  8. Broadband Internet access: DSL or Cable (minimum bandwidth 350kbps)

How do I Access Video Tutorials?

Once you've purchased a subscription, you will get a welcome message and that would contain all the required detail accessing the sessions.

What should be my minimum internet speed to participate?

512 KBPS A broadband connection (T1, DSL, or Cable Modem) is best.

Can I Download the videos and cache it locally so that I can watch it at later date?

No, this cannot be done. If you somehow find ways to download the videos, our application will detect this and your account would be locked immediately. The videos are protected by Copyright law.

Can I share my Account with someone else?

No, you are only given single user permission. Our system will automatically track your location based on your IP address and other parameters. If it finds that the same login credentials are used from different locations at the same time, your account will be blocked and subscription will be cancelled without any refund. So it is your responsibility to ensure that your credentials are not compromised.

What is your mode of online trainings?

We have 2 different modes of trainings
(i) Video Based Training
(ii)Live Interactive Sessions

Video Based Training: It will be completely video based training with technical support assistance. These are prerecorded by Mr. Sandeep Soni. You can watch the videos and learn the course.
Live Interactive Sessions: It will be live interactive sessions and will be taken through WebEx meeting or Skype. It will be one on one kind of sessions.

What are the additional things you provide apart from videos?

We provide you with complete course material which is in a PDF format copywrite material of deccansoft, where in you can download and save it in your computer for your future reference.

Is there any sample videos?

You can see all sample videos here to know our quality and purity in the videos, Please Click Here to watch free videos. Note: You have to register in our website to watch our free videos. Registration is free.

About Support

You can either post a question to support@bestdotnettraining.com or our team of experts will be online most of the times.Please Click Here to see currently online experts.
For questions concerning technical support, changes to your subscription, or other troubleshooting issues you can contact us with the information given on home page.

About Sales

You will only be charged once. We do not automatically charge your card/PayPal account subsequent times. If you want to renew your subscription you must be pro-active and re-subscribe manually. Personally, we're annoyed by websites and other services where you forget and wind up paying hundreds of dollars for something you never use.
If for some reason you decide to cancel your subscription within 15 days from the date of registration, you can contact our support with a refund request and will ensure the refund happens as soon as possible based on the mode of payment you have done. However if 10 videos have been viewed then there is no refund.Even a click on the video is considered as viewed.
BestDotNetTraining providing “No automatic recurring payments” and “15day money back satisfaction guarantee”, for more information please visit Pricing page.
You can upgrade your subscription to higher package. Within 7 days from the date of registration only the difference of the amount will be charged. After 7 days and up to 1 months, 5% of difference amount we will charged extra. After one month you cannot upgrade your package.
It will be single payment. No, partly payments. Once you make the payment, we will give you the access for the course which you have purchased.
We have different sources of payments.
i. You can make the payment through PayPal (If they are in outside India) directly from our website.
ii. If you do have PayPal access, then you can make the payment either through Western Union money transfer or You can also make the payment through wire transfer in our account. (Bank Details)
iii. If they are in India, then we can send them PayU payment request by which they can make the payment through their Debit or Credit card.
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