WCF Online Training

WCF incl. Web Services and Remoting + Live Project

Learn WCF online training incl. Web Services to be able to build modern connections.

$45 / ₹3750 for 6 Months

12 Modules

12.8 Hours

Course Modules
  • Introduction to distributed programming
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  • Developing Webservice and Client
    Preview 30 Mins : 0

  • Pass by value and pass by reference
    Preview 20 Mins : 0

  • SOAP Header
    Preview 15 Mins : 0

  • Asynchronously Calling Web Method
    Preview 8 Mins : 0

  • Securing Webservices
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WCF framework provides better reliable and secure applications compared to ASMX web services. With WCF, you need to make only simple code changes to utilize the security model and alter the binding. It matches the user requirements by making changes in the configuration file. This online tutorial introduces developers to the WCF platform, exploring the client- and service-side aspects of programming RESTful services.

WCF: Windows Communication Foundation

WCF is a framework used to create a service-oriented application by sending data from one service endpoint to another. The sending data should be considered as an asynchronous message and the continuously available IIS service acts as a service endpoint. This is the basic platform you can build secure, reliable, and transacted services using .NET which can be composed of service-oriented applications. In this WCF online training, you will be trained to develop an application using WCF services.

Why should you go with ASP.NET Core online training?

WCF is the basic platform for web development that supports different protocols. Because of its multiple message patterns, most organizations use WCF for their applications. With WCF you will get a better exception handling using a fault contract.

With our WCF online training, you will become a master in the WCF framework to create and deploy applications from scratch. The updated curriculum will help you to connect with the technology changes. In this training, you will be trained by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Sandeep Soni, who has more than 27+ years of experience as a corporate trainer.

The target audience - WCF online training

  • This online training is well suitable for beginners to start their career in the software field
  • Anyone who wants to learn WCF from Basics to Advance
  • Anyone who wants to create projects using WCF

Key learning areas of WCF core online training

This online course is aimed to assist learners in the basics of WCF from scratch. After completing this WCF tutorial, you will get sufficient knowledge of WCF and advance to a higher level of expertise.

  • In-depth knowledge of inspiration and architecture of SOA & WCF
  • Creation of WCF service and host it in IIS Webserver
  • Develop and execute the client application and consume WCF Service
  • Understanding of WCF Service
  • Practice channels, bindings, and configuration options.
  • Learn about Service Contracts, Operation Contracts, and Data Contracts.
  • How to handle and interoperate Exceptions between client and server.
  • How to manage transactions across service boundaries
  • Implement Asynchronous communication using MSMQ Server
  • Implement Security (Authenticate and authorization) access to services


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Mr. Sandeep Soni, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and an Azure Architect is one of the most famous Azure trainers in the market. He is a software and corporate trainer with 27+ years of training experience.

Mr. Soni regularly conducts Live batches and webinars on Microsoft Azure. He has conducted over 200+ live online batches and has personally trained over 100,000 students.

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The subscriber must have in-depth knowledge of Object Orientation and C# programming language.
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