Posted By:  Sachin Singh
It may too early for me to write a testimonial because I just joined .NET training just few days back. Its already 5 yrs in IT industry(Legacy Systems) and have listened to many corporate trainers.Where  Sandeep stands out is the way he approaches the subject and the way he motivates the beginners. Examples used in the classes are so relevant that beginner(me) in .Net understand it so well. I wish him all the best for all he is doing for the trainees.I am quite impressed by him.
Posted by: Srinivas
I took many online and live session from Sandeep. The sessions will help not only real time work and also interviews too. According to incidents faced recently saying this words "software industry .NET experts are Sandeep students".
Posted by: Jyothi
My name is Jyothi, I have taken IMPACT PLUS Course from Deccansoft by Sandeep Soni Sir. My experience with the Deccansoft has been phenomenal. Especially, I'm impressed by the teaching style of Sandeep Soni sir. It is the only place where you will find the one and only tutor  who has set a bar of expectation and desire among students that makes him unique and I am  sure that other tutors would ever be able to meet him in this era....!!! Our knowledge today does not have much value beyond a couple of years.  Mainly, Changes are so often in this profession, and Your value is what you can learn and how easily you can adapt to the changes.  Sandeep Soni sir,  always teaches latest technologies. So, I found its worth to learn in Deccansoft and from sandeep soni sir, where your style of coding actually becomes Rhyme.
After getting a training from him,  I’m very much confident about my
work  because I’m knowing what, where and how to implement
things in my project. Heartful thanks to Deccansoft for giving me in depth skills.

Finally, If you have been facing problem in development you should
try  Deccansoft which not only helps you to update your project
implementation skills, more than that it maintains quality in
training. I dared to take the right decision while choosing the
right tutor at right time and succeeded within three months...Keep Desire Stay Hunger to Learn, Until  you either do something about it or abandon
it completely.  Best Of Luck..&..Thank You..!!
Posted by: Pavithra K S
Hello!! I am Pavithra K S from Bangalore. I have purchased .NET course online. Hats off to Sandeep sir!! His tutorial clear cut voice videos, course materials are EXCELLENT and being switch over from HR domain to software developing domain, now I am more confident day by day following his tutorials that I can easily understand and learn the concepts get through the job in USA. I am grateful to Sandeep Soni sir. And also Ms.Kashmirah Shah is very nicely coordinate for any queries. I have recommended my friends to the bestdotnet tutorials.

Thanks to the whole bestdotnet team.
Posted by: Mohammed Gouseuddin Farooqui
Sandeep Soni sir is undoubtedly the best trainer I have ever seen in my career. He teaches some of the toughest topics with ease and clear examples, that is something amazing and his interaction with the students is also very good. I feel lucky that I got a chance to get trained under Sandeep sir.
Posted by: jagadeesh vabbina
the best tutorials i have ever seen
Posted by: suresh
the finest tutorials i have ever saw.
Posted by: suresh
These are the awesome tutorials and easily understandable.I strongly recommend to all.
I was for many years making programs with Clarion and needed to get myself in a new environment to be able to program in a modern language. First I tried ADF by Oracle and after a few months I found out that it would never make me happy. Than I choose Dot Net and lost many days looking for a good course until I found Deccansoft.

Their training system is definitively the best (and only) course after a long search that uses an excellent pedagogical approach.

You start it, you end it, you’ll get it (you really understand)

This is not just a succession of details of programming tools; it’s an integrating way of the right approach to program a whole system of any size.

I searched a lot and finally got and went through this course and it really was excellent!!!

They offer additionally a personalized and warm support.

Claudio Gervai

Posted by: P Yella Reddy
Hi,i'm yellareddy.I got placed in Hash Cloud Technology with 2.1L package.Deccansoft taught me many things through Sandeep Soni sir among that the important one is .Net(Impact Plus),discipline,punctuality and so on.I have never seen a teacher who takes so much of personal care towards students in understanding concepts and get placed.Point to be noted from Sandeep Soni sir is that the way he maintain and content in that Online Videos for the sake of students is amazing.I got many reviews from many people who said deccansoft is the Best .Net Training center.Now i experienced that.
Posted by: Srinivas
I took Online video training from Sandeep Soni for .NET. He is absolutely amazing teacher in C# for beginners. I recommend his training for beginners
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