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I have attended ASP.Net Core and Azure training by Sandeep Soni Sir, it was good.  He covers each and every topic in depth with real time examples. I appreciate his effort in making the course interesting.
Thanks a lot...


Posted Date: 3/15/2019
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Prabhu E

I'm part of Sandeep sir's Microsoft Azure & ASP.NET Core courses. It is really a fantastic experience to have a mentor or trainer like sandeep because he is covering very depth knowledge on whatever the topics he is teaching. Everything he is doing as real-time hands on labs, specially with Microsoft Azure the curriculum is well designed and he has demonstrated so many real time concepts.

Also, i would like to appreciate him for taking lots of free webinars on Microsoft technologies, you can find them at

We know about Kubernetes right. Sandeep also like Kubernetes - a perfect orchestration system for everyone's career.

Posted Date: 3/14/2019
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Pavankumar konakondla

I would suggest the Sandeep Soni training to all the developers for a couple of reasons. firstly, Sandeep doesn’t just talk on how to do something but also on why to do something and secondly, the organized notes from Sandeep will make me feel like I am revising what I have learned/missed to learn over the years of my experience, Also last but not least his notes will save you ton's of time while revising.

Posted Date: 3/14/2019
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Malla Mohana Soujanya

Hii Friends,
I am Soujanya. I did my B.Tech in the stream of ECE, and earlier I only had little knowledge on C-Language. And I have the desire to be an IT Professional.
Then I came to know about Deccan Soft's (Impact Plus ) Program which is a 100% job guarantee program and I have joined. As part of the course, we will be provided training on C#,ADO.Net, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, MVC5, JavaScript, JQuery, TypeScript, Angular (which are needed to become a Full Stack .Net Developer) and Soft Skills training.

The training process is divided into 2 categories:
(i)Online Lectures - Which are provided by Sandeep Soni Sir, Microsoft Certified Trainer. Each and every concept is explained very clearly starting from basics to advanced level with practical examples and live projects, and for every topic, both MCQs and descriptive questions are provided to get the clear idea about the concepts. And for every concept, there is an assessment test provided to assess our knowledge.

(ii)Class Room Training - A trainer will be provided for each and every batch and in our batch, there are 5 members. We were trained under Vijay Sir, Muneendra Sir and Deelip Sir. The trainers are really helpful to guide us, they provide us with good resources to improve our knowledge, they will clear our doubts and will explain the concepts very clearly with a lot of patience. And they will give us small tasks and assessment tests will be conducted after every topic to test our knowledge.
The training program is very well structured with a lot of clarity in all the concepts. And Sandeep Soni Sir is a good motivational speaker who always shows the correct direction for the students and sir is really inspiring.

I am very thankful to all the trainers of Deccan Soft. I am happy to tell you all that I have got placed in TCS as Assistant System Engineer-Trainee. And I always advise you to choose Deccan Soft to improve your skills, to become job ready and to have a bright future ahead:).

Thanking you

Posted Date: 2/6/2019
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Krishna Varma

Sandeep Soni, is an exceptional trainer with sound knowledge about what he speaks. Appreciate his effort to make us digest the content.

Posted Date: 11/16/2018
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Ashutosh Babu

Angular 6
It is very pleasant to have you in BKFS Bhubaneswar, We learn a lot from this training.

Posted Date: 11/16/2018
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Sworup Mishra

I've taken the Angular5 training. It was amazing experience .Excellent knowledge in various field.

Posted Date: 11/16/2018
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Naveen S

Hi, this is Naveen (Dot Net Developer)

            I am from electronics background, I had the basic knowledge about coding before coming to Deccansoft. I am an Impact plus (Batch-16) student.To tell you frankly the truth, this is awesome nothing else needed .Wanna kick start your IT career don't think too much get started with your course in Deccansoft.

About the Trainer ?
        The trainer is Mr. Sandeep Soni sir (Microsoft Certified Trainer).He is a marvelous person.who has dedicated his entire life to train students not only in programming but also in life benefits. An extra ordinary person having a great sequence in his mind to train the students in such a way that they will understand them directly in heart.

About the training ?
      The training will comprise of two varieties(Virtual session and class room training. The class room trainer for me is Mr. Muneendra (Good motivator).The virtual trainer is Sandeep sir.The course documents given are much more beneficial.There is nothing like stepping back .Once stepped in your will power will take you to the destiny called Triumph.

Why Deccansoft ?
      Not only coding ,you will learn all the aspects which is needed to become a better programmer and a better human being .You will be able to reduce your stage fear,negative thoughts and so on. And you will be improving in your way of communication,thinking, positivity, motivation and many more.

Why Impact Plus ?
This is not only a bundle of course which has all kind of resources in it where you can learn them .This is a Full-Stack developer course which will make you understand the ethics behind programming and where it starts and where it ends .The courses covered in Impact plus are (C#,ASP.Net MVC,HTML,CSS,Javascript,JQuery,Angular 4 and Typescript).

      I would suggest this course to those who wants to start their career in IT.The main motive of this course is (100 % ) placement . After being in Deccansoft for around 3 months, I can tell everyone that this is superb .

                               And thank you Sandeep Sir . .  .
                                          Keep it up . . .

Posted Date: 10/23/2018
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