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Awesome tutorials in here....Thanks

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Hi.....This is madhavi.I I feel very glad to post a testimonial about Deccansoft and particularly about Sandeep Soni Sir. I feel proud to say that i will b the best students of sandeep soni. Just i have attended only few class there is a change in my attitude that i have abserved in sandeepsoni sir classes.

Thank you very much for your help and further help needed. and my special thanks to Mr. Sandeep Soni.

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Hi everyone,

Great teachers have a passion for their profession. They have a vision for each student and really care about the outcome. Instead of just sharing a lot of data, excellent teachers are results oriented.

Sandeep Soni is from one of them, he is a great Tutor & his study material is very usefull for each student those who want to do career in IT field.

Thank you very much.

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Santhi. J

I live in USA.  this is one of the best .net training i have come acrosss.  The videos are highly informative.  Sandeep soni's one of the best tutor.  It is really worth the money i spend for this online course.

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This is Balasubramani an MCT [Microsoft Certified Trainer] in .Net Technology

A non-resident Indian working abroad since 2008.  

Initially as a Student of NIIT I was not taught about the technology much clear.  Even after experiencing years together with Microsoft Credentials more things are become clear only after attending the Demo sessions of Sir Sandeep.  His classes are very clear, simple, logic and well organized.

Really you are doing a great job.. My hearty wishes to your great services.

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Sandeep soni is great trainer. I have taken his online lectures. But I was really impressed by the teaching method of Sir Sandeep.

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My name is Raju.

I had some knowledge on .Net technologies particularly programming in C#. I started my course in Ameerpet branch in december. Due to lack of holidays, i was able to attend only few classes in ameerpet and then took online course. It helped me alot. I just followed the path suggested by sandeep sir. I followed every thing what he told me to do. It took me 3 months to finish the course and additional one month to practice. Once I finished, I got confidence to attend interviews. I got success in my fourth interview and got  job.
The way we learn a technology makes difference. We can read from text books or we can follow MSDN or we can get training else  where. But Deccan soft ( particularly sandeep sir) way of teaching is different.
I am very happy to recommend this course.

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Hi This is Tulasi.
I am from Electrical background and did not know much about programming. After joining DeccanSoft I have gained confidence in the subject. I like the approach of Sandeep towards the subject and the handouts given  are worthy.Most of the interview questions(90%) are from the handouts. It is the only platform which gave me an opportunity to develop my skills(not only in .net but in all aspects).
The teams concept is awesome and really helped me to get rid of stage fear and now I can speak confidently in a group.
This is only institute I ever seen which gives students to speak on the stage.
Thank you Sandeep...

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