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AngularJS is a framework to build Dynamic Web Apps . This framework is JavaScript MVC based, hence named AngularJS. It lets you use HTML with new attributes.

The AngularJS Online Training at trains you for using this framework for your Web Applications.

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Course Overview

AngularJS is a framework which is JavaScript MVC based, hence named AngularJS. It lets you use HTML with new attributes and create dynamic web applications. Angular overcomes the disadvantage of HTML which is only used for building static pages.

The Data Binding and Dependency Injection properties of Angular eliminate maximum code that we would actually write. All these occur in the browser, thus making it ideal with any server technology.

Why Our USP…

  • Get an idea of the quality and quantity of the subjects by watching online videos provided.
  • For any technical issues/queries relating to the online training videos, we provide technical support by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • The course material is simple and organized and can be used for learning and as a reference material for Certification Examinations.
  • Includes job related training to help participants face an interview confidently.
  • Microsoft Certification Guidance and any subject related questions will be answered by Mr. Sandeep Soni (MCT).
  • Every course comes with a Live Project with a step-by- step guide and complete source code.


Mr. Sandeep Soni, CEO & Founder of Deccansoft Software Services. is brain child of Mr. Sandeep Soni. This site has been developed to break the barriers of traditional classroom-style education beyond the geographical and time zone barriers and reach audience all over the world.

From his engineering days, Sandeep has been in love with Microsoft Technologies. He has worked hard to learn MS Technologie......



  • Reduce the amount of code you write to build rich user interface applications.
  • Increase the reliability and maintainability of UI by using data binding.
  • Retrieve data from back-end server, manipulate it and display it with ease.
  • Modularize your code with the custom services and directives.
  • Providing two way binding of data.
  • Create Single Page Applications (SPA).


Working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is recommended


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