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I completed B.E ECE in 2017.Now am going to join coaching, can you kindly Tell me the best path in dot net
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni

Join C#, and SQL can attend classes in parallel. Then you will be ready for interviews. Our placement cell will help you with the Placement support.

if you are looking for Job oriented training program, Consider Impact Plus - Job guarantee course.

You can call us or mail us for more information.

All the best.
I have almost 6 years of exp in ,C#,Sql server and worked with several companies and still working.I want to shift myself in some field where I have no need to do coding and client interaction at all.I am worst in client interaction.I will do some technical tool work and finding any way where I can do some relax work in IT with no pressure and interested to do some admin related work.
In which path should I proceed and make my career better.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni

In this case, you should move to Infrastructure side. shift to either Sharepoint Admin or Microsoft Azure Infrastructure.

You can learn more about Azure infrastructure here

for more details on SharePoint
Hello Sir,
I have 6+ odd years of experience, started my career as Executive in BPO. Gradually, moved on macros development using VBA EXCEL SQL. Last 1.5 years i worked in purely development environment and did many projects using VBA, Sql Server and as well. While i was getting adapted to unfortunately i landed as a product manager role in a startup firm. I want to switch to core IT development and am slightly confused to pick the technologies between web or windows.
Could you please suggest me to choose between WPF, ASP.Net MVC or any other tech for better career. I need to switch my while working, can't leave job, study and then switch. should i also join an institute for faster learning or do it by myself. what should be my roadmap to get a stable IT job?
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Without any doubt you should go for ASP.NET MVC as this is in very high demand.

You can subscribe to our course or anything else you feel is goo and learn from home.
heloo Sir .
I am B.TECH final year student in "COMPUTER ENGINEERING" .I am intrested in CORE SUBJECTS in computer science and want to study further in M.TECH. from reputed college and want to join PRODUCT BASED COMPANY.This is what i am very cleared.

But my query to you is any one platform I have to select like .net or java etc.
Till now I have just experienced basics of this platform in my BTECH study  and clearly I cant understand what to do ?Anyway I should select one. so kindly help to do this as per your experience according my further plan which i mentioned above so that i can do better work in advance.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I would suggest you to choose any one and learn that in-depth...Both have equal opportunities.

Earlier Java was popular in academics but now as .NET is also open source, it should also become popular in educational projects.

Best of luck.
Hi Team,
My name is Rahul Sharma, i am having 2 year of experience as windows admin. I want to learn some other technology as well which is relevant to Windows.
Could you please suggest me which technology I can also learn along with windows.
Thank you
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
1. SharePoint
3. Powershell Scripting

All these will add value to your profile.
My name is Krunal soni.I took training under u in 2007 in . Net then I came to uk . N after that due to family responsibility I dropped my career totally . Now my kids started school so thought come back in the field but now I need your suggestion where do I start now ? Means which side should I go in .net ... Share point or MVC or wt
Don't Hv any idea of today's market in London or in .net too As well as need project training means don't know about the real work flow in project ??
And I can say ,I Hv totally lost .
And how to come in field Bcoz main question cm across me is the 8 years gap in software field ...??
Really need help sir .
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
i would only say one think...
Start and move forward, road will get clearer as you progress...

.NET is in good demand and specially ASP.NET MVC.
hi ..This is John from Australia.I am computer science graduate and I have also studied business administration.I have good communication skills and good in dealing with people.but I have never been a good can say a so so programmer.programming had never been a heartily interest for me.but for a few months I find it very interesting for me and the concepts that seemed very difficult in past are becoming very clear and not difficult to am I crazy to think that I can become a very good programmer by really starting learning programming at this age...??
I have programming experience with windows based applications.(winforms) using and sql server....what career path should I choose from here on..!!
web development/mobile app development..!!
I have found your videos very interesting and have made some of my concepts very clear.

Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I can only say one thing that i have students who are more than 60 years of age...

Its your passion and not age which will drive you to learn.
Hello Sir I am woring as Assistant professor of English, I want to switch to IT-Field by taking up asp.Net courses. Can I be hired in MNCs? Since i am pfrom non-IT background whether organisations consider me. I have also done some certificate courses like C, C++, Linux. Please guide me
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I would say that its not impossible but surely its difficult and you have prove yourself as better than many more computer science background guys.
Dear Sir, i  am student of B.A. final year n now i am thinking to go in IT sector so please suggest me a better course according my qualification..???
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Before you do anything, I would strongly suggest you to start with "C" language to understand if you can do programming.

Alternatively you can go for
1. Testing Tools
3. SharePoint.

There are many more...
My daughter has done M.E­ (wireless mobile Computing)..result awa­ guide me the IT feild for her ­which is latest and Good Job oppertuniti­es in there...we are residing in Gujarat­..So Please Guide..I am very much Obly t­o you...Also Know The name of Mr.Soni fr­om long back in tthis Field..
Phone: 9375810142­
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I.T Field is very vast and what is important is what is her interest...

Is she interested in
1. Programming Languages
2. Multimedia
3. Web Designing

and so on...

I would suggest you to call me @ 9849001840 and we can discuss what would be best for her.
Sir i will able to attempt micro soft exam 483 but i have no idea what should i do so please guide me about this where i should prepare for exam
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
You have to write this in Prometric Centers and the fee for the same is Rs. 4500/-.

For more details like syllabus please visit:

Hi Sir. Hope you are doing well. I have completed B.E in electronic and have 6+ years of experience in non IT field. My present job includes lots of traveling and now I am looking for a stable career. I am planning now to switch to IT. Kindly give some advice on how this courses would help me in this regard and how should I make transition. I am interested in making a career with .net technologies.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Hello Tanveer,

B.E. electronics a good background to enter I.T industry but the issue is with your past experience of 6+ years. As it is in Non-IT field, it will not help you in claiming any experience in IT related jobs. You have to start your career all over again as a fresher and prove yourself better than the real fresher who is also searching for a job...

Honestly speaking unless you are very good in learning whatever you are going to enter I.T Field with, its not going to be easy to get a job.

Best of Luck.
Hii sir, myself imtiyaz I have done my BE  in the stream of information and science engineering  2014pass out. Currently looking out for a job.  Am looking out for dot net  I want to learn effectively and my programming skills is not  so good .but I was interested in dot net please tell me sir how can I learn.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I would suggest you start with "C" language first. This will give you very strong foundation in programming. After that you can learn MS.NET.

Obviously I would suggest our website for learning both.
Dear sir,
I have completed my in electronics and communication in 2014, i am currently working in a electronics company on embedded systems (pic microcontroller and embedded c), while working i realized that i am much more creative in writing a logic than designing the hardware for that, as this is the start of my career, i wish to make a right turn as per my interest ie i wish to switch in IT.
Kindly help me in taking the decision that being a ECE student and knowing the c and c ++, what should i learn first .net or java.? and please concern that i wish to start my career from delhi/ ncr as a fresher, which technology has more opportunities here for a fresher java or .net?

Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
What you are currently doing is most apt for your ECE background...but as you have already decided to switch to open market...I don't think it really makes any different what you learn, just learn it right and perfectly.

Both have good opportunities and both have good future...

Regarding what is more in demand in Delhi NCR, I would suggest you tom look at and figure out the most in demand.
Hello Sir,
             I am B Tech (ECE) passed out in the year 2011.Till now due to some family issue I cant concentrate on my career.Now I want to start my career in .net.
           So my question is with almost 4 year of year gap can I get a chance to prove myself if I will excel in .net .Whether companies allow me.Please guide me I am really in a state of hesitation.

Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Honestly, do you have an alternative...

If you have better options then go for them but why not give a try and see how you can set your career in .net.

Multinational companies will not give you opportunity but if you have subject there are many organizations who want people who have attitude to work and knowledge of subject.

Give a sincere try and I am sure you should be able to break the ice and get a good job.
Hi .
      This is suraj and I am  graduated(B. Tech(ECE)) in 2010 and in 2011 December I started my professional carrier and worked as a jr. software engineer in small scale company  for 5 months later company had winded up and later I learned .net technology and got job in small company in  December 2012  as Jr .net developer  and I worked there about 15 months until  march 2014  during my work tenure I developed cms websites and web apps  and supported eCommerce web applications. as we don't have seniors so I been  involved in both front end and back end development..but later that company has not given proper salary, and while moving out they not given any experience letter or reliving letter. and later decided to learn data warehousing technologies in sap to found good job in well established companies, I learned but i not found any entry level jobs in that..  its been 1 year by now that  I am out of work and again I started to refresh my .net skills..on c#, web forms,,sql server,linq, html ,css, but at present job market for developers  required advanced skills and also I don't know how to bridge my career gap.. again I cant find entry level (0-2 years exp)job  as I passed out 4.8 years back. any suggestion regarding planning my career path?
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I think you have decently good background...Even if they have not given salary, did they deposit the money in your bank account on a regular basis??? You can use that as your proof of employment.

Also I would suggest to look for a job in middle level organization as many will look at your knowledge rather than your experience...

Also please think of writing some microsoft certification exams to prove your ability to yourself and also to some corporates in the industry.

Best of Luck.
Hi Sandeep,

This is Reddy. I have a doubt regarding C#. Shall I need to learn 'C' before learning 'C#'? Please suggest.

Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
If you don’t have any programming background, then yes I would strongly suggest you to first learn “C” and then move to “C#”…Your foundation would be strong.

That is the reason we have created MS.NET Foundation which includes “C”, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, LINQ and Live Project.
Hi Sandeep,

This is Reddy. I am a SharePoint Admin with 5 years of experience and have SQL Admin knowledge as well. I would like to enhance my skills and learn SharePoint Development for a long run. Is this a good choice? If so Please suggest me what to learn to become a good SharePoint Developer. Please suggest.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
If you want to grow in SharePoint and ultimately become SharePoint Architect which is the most demanding position, you compulsory need to have knowledge of SharePoint Development.

To do SharePoint development you need to be good with C# and ASP.NET. So you need to start with the same first.
Hi ,

I have 1 year of experience in vb .net and now I want to enhance my knowledge as vb .net is really old.
Kindly suggest which technology can I start with and also suggest books or institutes which can help me do the same.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Your next obvious choice should be C# and ASP.NET using which you can build Web applications. Once done you will have to also upgrade to ASP.NET MVC.

Why don't you subscribe for these courses on our site only as I feel its one of the best content you can find on internet.
Hi Greetings !!

This is Satish having 7yrs of experience into dotnet (, MVC, WCF, Webservices,C#).
I want to upgrade myself to a new technology and am bit confused on how to do this.
Kindly suggest me which ideally which technology if I learn will add advantage or weight age to my experience or resume.

Also planning to do microsoft certification in dotnet. Suggest me which is better. And also please let me know the books to follow for the same.

And also kindly suggest me any author for dotnet as well to follow so that I will be in touch with subject .

Thanks in advance and hopefully to hear from you soon.

Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
As you are already working of all important features of .NET, I would suggest you start concentrating on HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap etc....All these are client side technologies and being used a lot in every project.

For Certification, I would suggest you to look at the syllabus of Microsoft and read one topic at a time from Internet.

You should start looking at the latest MSCD in Web
Hi Sir,

I have 8+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies and my rating are below.

ASP.NET - 3.5/5
C#.NET - 4/5
SQL - 4/5
Sharepoint technologies. 2/5

Started my carrier with ASP.NET applications for 2 years(2006-2008).

I had 1 year (2009) experience in SharePoint 2007/2010 developed few basic things like webpart/workflow/events/list/pages. But after that moved to windows application with 3 tier architecture. By this month our project is going to be completed and searching for new project.

I want job in aboard and am interested in Sharepoint 2010/2013.

Please suggestion me to choose my carrier path.
1. Which is Best in future - .NET or Sharepoint?
2. How to get job in aboard?
3. What are the topics to be covered for .NET or SharePoint
4. What are materials to be studied (book/online/training center)
5. How long will take to study for .NET or Sharepoint?

Thanks in advance.

P. Murali
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
1. Both of them .NET and SharePoint will have great future. Its what you are more interested in which should matter.
2. Ideally the company for which you might be working should help you otherwise you need to search for some good consultants. You can start with searching in of USA.
3. I did not understand by what you mean when you are asking topics. You should cover everything. Don't be in category where you know everything partially. You should be Jack of Everything and Master of one thing.
5. Rest of your life you can do that.
Dear Sandeep sir,

I have completed diploma and bachelor of  IT in AUS.
While I was studying, I was also earning by doing odd jobs.
And therefore, I could not get much out of degree.
However, after that I tried learning many things, jumping from one to another languages and software. Like I know basic PHP, photoshop, C++, C, CSS(intermediate), HTML, mySQL.
I am really confused and don't know from where to start and what to start.
I just want a job in IT. I don't think much about salary at this point because it will come if i have excellence in what i will be doing.
I have also been taking your C programing course which is a great help in building up logic and clear very basic concepts.

In conclusion, I would like you to advise me on my career choice. Please feel free to write anything you think which is true and don't hesitate.
Thanks in advance.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
From what you have written I understand that you are keen to become programmer but you are not yet there...

To make a stable programming career I would suggest you to choice from Java or .NET and not just learn but also excel and build 100% confidence.

Today industry needs specialization and not just knowledge of something...
Hello Sir,

I have 5 years of experience in Classic ASP. I had worked as a web developer, for MNC for 3 years and as freelancer for 2 years, from 2001 to 2006.... After that I had taken break to fullfill family responsibilites.

Now I want get back to the industry, as ASP.Net developer... Recently I have completed Diploma Course in .NET from NIIT.

Though I have gained theoretical knowledge of the technology but not very confident with the practical use of it.

I would like to ask you two things, first , what's the response of companies to the people who want to join after a long break? Are they open to interview such candidates?

And second , which online training should i take up, to gain practical understanding of

Any other related advice is also welcome.

Thank You
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Because you already have 5 years of experience, I understand that you already know how projects are developed.

Its just that because you have worked in classic ASP, you are not confident about yourself. Once you start learning any new technology I am pretty confident that you will be very comfortable.

Regarding gap, yes its a concern but lots of girls have this problem and specially married women, so many companies will discount it and will check your knowledge about the subject.

What I would suggest is, you should for sometime work in some small organization first and later may be after an year change to MNC as they may not directly consider you for job because of the big gab you have.

Finally, coming from ASP background the obvious choice for you is C# & ASP.NET. but that is only beginning, you have to also learn ASP.NET MVC which is more popular in today's date.

Can I start learn mvc directly without learn the
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Ideally speaking you should have knowledge of ASP.NET State Management, Authentication and Authorization, Caching and some more topics.

These topics generally we don't teach in ASP.NET MVC and we cover it as a part of ASP.NET WebForms.

Also, even if someone claims to know ASP.NET MVC, industry expects them to know ASP.NET WebForms also...

I joined as sharepoint developer. It have scope in future or not?. Can i get smart sallry in this
And one more thing can move to other microsoft technology after 1 year working in sharepoint
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Currently the situation of the market is, if you have good knowledge of MS.NET (specially ASP.NET) and even if you are a fresher in SharePoint, companies are ready to absorb you immediately.

There is an extreme shortage of GOOD QUALITY developers.

So, if you are learning the subject with dedication you can always find a good job and once you begin your career, I don't think you should think of changing your career because this itself is huge and you can build your profile up to SharePoint Architect.
hello sir
i m pursuing MCA and i want to make carrier on .net.
now i m confuse how to start
what will be the 1st step???
how do i get job??

thankx in advance  
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I am happy that you are at least clear about the technology you want to build your career in. Many cannot even decide that.

Obviously you have to learn MS.NET from basics and you can begin with C# and then ASP.NET.
Once you are good at these things you can plan for advanced topics in .net.

If you remain focused and master the subject properly, you should be able to handle the interview questions and that will fetch you job.
Hi Everybody,

I have 2.7 yrs of total experience. I have been working in .Net technologies so far such as WPF,WCF,ASP.NET,C#,SQL,MVC,JQuery.
But now i have been forced to shift my technology to something else by my company which is completely different from .Net.

Now i am worried about losing touch in .Net and also i have a few questions.Kindly guide me.

1.How do i keep in touch with .Net technology?

2.Are there any Open/Live projects available at any site/forum i can work upon?

3.Will it be a problem when i switch to other company and tell them that for past few months i have not been working on .net?

4.Also how can i enhance my skillset in .net technologies as i have not worked on any skill in depth?
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
First I strongly suggest you to continue your career in whatever is your PASSION and from the email I understand that your love to be with .net.

Either request your company to let you continue to work in .net or unless you have a BIG reason for not doing, change the company.

Reply to your questions
1. You can remain in touch with any technology only by working with that technology.

2. You can find lots of freelancer websites like or and many more where people will post projects and you can bid and acquire the same.

3. It will be a problem if in new company you want to work in .net

4. You can opt for our Advanced MS.NET course, it covers every topic in detail.

Do let me know if you still have any questions.

Sandeep Soni.
Hello Sir,
As I am thinking for MCTS Exam for C# & Sharepoint, I request you to give solutions for below questions
1) What books to be readed for above ?
2) What is Exam Code Individual ?
3) How should I test my skills before appearing for exam ?
4) What are type of qusetions like multiple choice or other ?
Thank you
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Please visit and you should get lots of idea.

All questions are multiple choice questions.

For knowing the pattern and getting startup, you can find dumps websites and one such site is Please don't rely on this because MS is updating their question bank regularly and these sites are not regularly updated.

I am from non cs background(BE biotech to be specific).after working for a year at a microbiology lab i am not interested in research i have decided to pursue computer science.i have started with ORACLE,c to get the basic b/n java and c# i opted to learn the latter for a my question is will i be able to land a job considering my background and as a fresher?and also how long u think it will take for someone like me to be really good at c#with regular practice.Thank you in advance.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Honestly, it will not be easy because you are competing with MCA and BTech CSE guys...They will always have edge over others.

What is would suggest you is to plan for Microsoft Certification Exams and these will to an extend compensate your non IT background.

Also, try to get into some small software development and after working there for sometime you can jump into some multinational as multinationals will not take you directly.
Hello Sir,

I have an experience of 5+ years in .net working in small organization and the problem is working small organizations is not getting me any exposure on advanced topics. I took a break of 2 months from my present company to brush my skills on the advanced topics like MVC, WPF, Design patterns ect,. and to get a job in an MNC. But as i think i am in dilemma whether to write certification exam (Exam 98-361 -- Software Development Fundamentals) which adds value when searching a job in MNC.  I request you to suggest whether to go for certification or to brush up my skills on advanced topics.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
For experience like yours...Learning Advanced Topic is comparatively more important because you don't have to prove basic knowledge as fresher would have to do.

First Priority should be Advanced Topics and second should be Certification.
This is S.Jayaprathap from coimbatore , I am from non-IT engineering background, But i completed (MCA in 2010 batch), Now i took some college project and done with my own , I will like to join in software company its possible or not .otherwise, what i have to do next step !pls give some suggestion.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
If you have done MCA then why do you think its not possible to join software company...Positive thinking is very important here...

I would suggest you to concentrate on certification exams by Microsoft and use them as your base for showing your skillset in I.T.
I am having exp of around 4 years, mostly worked on winform apps using C#/VB. As the market demands only technical upgraded buddies, I am little confused about what next. I don't have any other skill-set but keen to upgrade now. Looking for WPF or Sharepoint. Please suggest me the way I should choose. so that I can create a good space in industry. Also categorize the steps if possible.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
If you have experience on Winforms, you have to compulsory upgrade to WPF as that is how all new projects are done.

To be competent in the industry, I would suggest you to just into Web Programming i.e. ASP.NET also because lots of projects are in Web than in Windows.
Dear Sir,

I am from a non IT background(BE-mechanical,MBA) having 12 years experience as Projects Coordinator(of which 6 years in UAE). From my college days I was very much interested to become Software developer but due to my family situation I started my career in non IT field.Its been one year that I returned back to India and I have learnt C#, ASP and MVC from you through classroom sessions.

I do not have any experience in programming but I am a quick learner and understand programming concepts if given exposure. Please suggest me how can I start my career in IT ? Will companies give opportunity to people like me shifting career after long experience in other field ? Is mine a good decision to pursue career in the filed I am having passion? I hope your valuable suggestion will help me to kick start my career at the earliest.

Thanking you and best regards

Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Its not impossible but its tough to get an entry.
I would suggest you to do some projects and put them in your resume before trying for job.
Also Microsoft Certification exams should add value to your resume.
Dear sir,
            I have completed the course from your institute and I think i need to a lot of practice to face the industry.
I am a 2011 passed out and could continue my career for some reasons.what are the next steps i have to take start up my career.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
You have already given the answer to your question.
Job market is very good but you need to have good subject.
So yes you need to practice and that will boost your confidence and will help you to face interviews with confidence.
Dear Sir,

In my company i am asked to do a project on Job portal, either in MVC or Share Point. Which technology should i prefer? I know both the technologies and if it is share Point, hosting cost is not a problem for my company.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
For Job Portal I would prefer SharePoint because lots of features are readily and also you don't have hosting issue.
Some time back earlier, i found a page with good guidance on how to pass the microsoft certification exam, now i am trying to locate that page , but could not find it.

Have you updated the site and removed that page? please include that page, it is very helpful for every one.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Hello Sir,

I am MCA pursuing and i am very confused to related carrier because i don't know that which is better ASP.NET or PHP. so plz suggest me which is better for today time.

Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Looking at long term I would suggest ASP.NET but for short term benefits I would suggest PHP.

PHP might get you a quick job but after some time it will become monotonous and you will not continue to enjoy.
Hello Sir,

I am working in a small scale organization at Hyderabad in PHP technology.
I was hired for .Net but company could not get .Net project so I had to work in PHP.
I always wanted to build my career in .Net.
I did C# and ASP.NET course at Deccansoft under guidance of Chaitanya.
I am trying to search job in .NET but none of the company is considering my experience although that is fine, I need to learn real world things in .NET but problem is no one is hiring as fresher.

Thanks & Regards,
Ashish Kumar Gupta
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I understand your problem and its the same problem with all freshers...

I would suggest you to
1. Write Microsoft Certification Exams
2. Do some Sample MS.NET Projects and put them in your resume.

And most important, keep trying till you get a break...don't give up at any point of time.
Hello Sir,
             I have pursued my B-tech in IT in 2012 with 70% and from past 8 months i am working as php application programmer but not getting good projects and exposer,i have basic knowledge of .net but never worked on that.I really want to work on .net What should i do now?
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
the problem with PHP is most of the stuff is available on internet and mostly people do small projects in PHP as it is open source.

Having basic knowledge of MS.NET is not sufficient and you need to learn as an expert and with your experience in PHP the expectation will be obviously more from you when compared to fresher.

So I would suggest you to learn .net from an expert and in systematic manner and also if possible target MS Certifications on MS.NET. This will surely help you in getting job in organizations who are looking for serious .net developers.

I am looking to mvc 4.0 certification course. Could you tell me the course and the questions which will come in exam. I have taken the online training of MVC 4.0 from you.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Following is the link of the exam you will have to take.

I don't set the question paper so I don't think I can answer your second part of the question but I can assure you that if you have properly done my course you should be able to clear the certification with ease.
Hello Sir,
             I have pursued my B-tech in IT in 2012 with 65% and from one year iam learning programming language.First i have learnt java for 4 months and it did not understand me so like that  i have wasted my time and now i have decided to learn .net,now i dont understand what can i do because i have wasted my one please guide me.....
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Big question is why you have not understood JAVA...
1. Did you not put enough efforts?
2. Was your mentor not guiding you properly?
3. Understood but did not practice?

First figure out what was the problem in you because when others are able to WHY you are not able to?
Without figuring out the exact problem you will have the same issue in learning MS.NET also and you will end up wasting another one year.

First understand what you want and then dedicatedly target that. Nothing in world is touch for people who can challenge themselves.

Best of Luck.
Hi Sandeep Sir, I have 7 years of IT experience. I am from non-IT engineering background. I never worked in serious development projects so far. I worked on enhancements, maintenance kind of projects only. So, I never got command on .Net and associated technologies. I would like to be a successful web developer and thus architect in long run. Is it too late for me to aspire that or still I can achieve what I want? How much time it will take from now to become what I am aspiring? Please suggest.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I understand that your 7 years of IT experience is in maintenance of projects in .net.

The issue with you is though you have worked on .net, you have not done core programming and thus have low confidence in coding.

For becoming Successful Web Developer and Architect with your kind of experience following is the roadmap.
1. Very Good command over C# language
2. Ability to develop web applications using ASP.NET
3. Some advance topics like ASP.NET MVC + LINQ + Entity Framework + WCF
4. Design Patterns

After learning all these you should be able to do some practice projects and get to comfortable stage so that you can clear the interviews with ease.

Now coming to question, Can you do all these...
I don't see any reason why if committed you cannot do all these and because of your experience you at least already know how projects are and what they need to only expertise in finding tools in making them work and its pretty much possible.

Please email me if you still have questions.
Best of Luck.
sir i completed my btech in Computer Science 15days back.I am 2013 passout.As i am not much more skilled in programming i have done my mini and main projects in DOT NET.So now my plan is to work in an IT sector.So now plan is to take coaching in Dot net sir as my projects are done in DOTNET.and one more thing i am intrested to learn SAP BASIS sir as it is independent of DOTNET i think. But this SAP BASIS is quite related to ORACLE. but i cannot leran DOTNET, SAP BASIS and ORACLE.
Finally i planned to leran DOT NET and SAP BASIS which are both different in order to secure a job. These are my own decisions sir.Else you can sujjest me with some other ideas. Can u plz sujjest me sir.. if am wrong with my decision making towards my career. plz help sir. This is my precious time i should keep a wrong step.No one i have to sujjest me sir,So hope ul help me and Thank you.. :)    With Regards...
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I would strongly suggest you to decide on ONE rather than doing both MS.NET and SAP. Don't become JACK of all...rather become master of ONE and that is what industry needs...We need people who are specialists in their fields and its real shortage of such kind of people. Everyone wants to learn everything thinking that they would get more opportunities and this is really very bad.

Also because of your B.Tech. background I would suggest you a career in programming. SAP will be for non technical background people. So better learn MS.NET and become specialist of it.

Also as you are in Hyderabad, you can visit our office and meet me in person if needed.
I have seen a lot of educational stuff posted by urself, its is really beneficial for me, as i am working in a software industry since 6 month i have a little experience, ryt now m working on window application base in Devpress Win Controls and i am happy to see my confidence over my skills, but problem is that project i am working on will be continuing nxt 2 years more and ofcoz i will be working on. my question is what should you recommend me to do side by side to make my knowledge alive as Microsoft trends that its always announcing its updation and and new terms very frequently.
So what should i do....
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Hello Pankaj,

I think you should begin with Web Programming as that is the future...
Once you learn Web Programming (ASP.NET) you can then go for SOA (WCF) and so on...

I believe this clarifies. Do let me know if you have more questions.
Hello Sir,
I am a graduate of B-tech in Electronics and telecommunication and currently left my previous job for doing .Net from Hyderabad. I was a telecom engineer in Mumbai and so i don't have enough knowledge in programming. i am getting difficulties in .Net. I am working very hard but still i am not able to understand ASP.NET so i focuses on C#.NET first but i am also attending your ASP.NET classes. I also purchased your video today so that i can get more helps from your videos. I used to give around 5 hour daily to MS.Net for my carrier. I am attending your morning class of 7.30 AM at paradise. I tested myself by your interview questions and i found that i am able to achieve very good score. I scored 10 marks in your earlier class room test out of 20 Marks conducted by your institute which is not satisfactory score. But I am very much confused whether i have chosen a better career path or not. But after attending your classes and your motivations i am little confident know. But still some time i afraid that i am on right path or not. Guide me sir, Your suggestion will be helpful for me.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Everything which you are doing for the first time takes time. Only those who stay Long in action will get result. Because of your non IT background you might take time to create solutions on your own. The point here is are you able to follow the code of others and able to reproduce that. If yes - You are on right track.

Please watch and this will surely help you going further.
Hello Sir, I have completed B.Tech. For a programmer job, experience is required. So, where should I start to get experience as a programmer. Please help me with this Sir.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
This is really a tricky question...For EXPERIENCE you need JOB and for JOB you need EXPERIENCE...

What I suggest is do some small/medium sized assignments (small games) and put them in your resume. This will give weightage your resume.

Also don't wait for an MNC to invite you for job. Start with some small organization without worrying much about Salary...You will get good exposure in small organizations and that will make your foundation very strong. Once you have some experience you can then think of switching.

At the same time it is important that you don't deviate from your GOAL and because of frustration take up some non IT job...Stay focused and continue to strive...

Best of Luck

My name is Divya Prakash. I have over 12+ years of IT experience in Mainframe technologies and Testing. As we know slowly things are moving away from mainframe to open system, I am planning to learn and switch to new technology which can keep me afloat in the market in near future and provide me better rate in the market.

I know a little bit of Core Java, have understanding of C and C++.

I am aware of the courses offered by Deccansoft, but I am bit confused on which course to choose.

Will appreciate your suggestion.

Divya Prakash
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
I agree with you that with time the industry is moving towards open systems and mainframe will have very limited future.
But at the same time what is important is you have very good amount of experience in MainFrame and people like your experience will be few so you should be having stability in your job.

Now if you switch to come to Open system and if you have already made decision, you have two options
1.      Java
2.      MS.NET

Both of them have equally good and both have good future. Though many people say it’s easy to learn MS.NET over JAVA – I don’t agree and I believe it’s your passion towards any one which will drive you to learn and go in-depth of the technology.
It also depends on which part of the world you are located in. Like in Hyderabad MS.NET is more in demand comparatively but in Bangalore I believe JAVA is more in demand…So you have to figure out in your location what jobs are more and accordingly take a decision to learn one of them.

There are other options like Oracle / Testing tools but I don’t recommend to you based on your experience.
Hello Sir, I have completed MCA (Distance) and Diploma Certification in DOT NET from NIIT, but my graduation is from Commerce stream. Would i'll be preferred for Developer job from big companies. Currently I am Jobless. If not what should i do at this stage of my life.
Please suggest.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Firstly stop using that negative sentence I am jobless - instead use "I am Job Seeker". Train your mind in right direction.

To compensate Non-IT background, think of writing Certification Exams conducted by Microsoft. These certifications will sure add lots of value to your profile.

Big MNC may not give you opportunity based on your commerce background so better start with some small companies, gain experience and later switch to big companies.

Hello Sir,

I have pursued B-tech in Information technology and currently  working as a .net programmer since 18 months. I am interested in pursuing further studies in order to improve my career growth for which i may need to discontinue my present job . I am very much confused whether i should continue with working or studies for a better career.

Your suggestion will be helpful.
Reply by Mr Sandeep Soni
Education always pays.

If you are planning to do your post-graduation from some ordinary college then it doesn’t make any sense to drop your current job. The realtime experience in industry is more important because it gives you more practical exposure and most of the colleges in INDIA provide only theoretical knowledge.

If you are getting an opportunity to do your further studies from some esteem college who can also provide you placement in final year, then its worth quitting your current job and pursuing education. Placement assurance is important because there are many people who have completed M.Tech. and are still jobless.

Wishing you very best of luck.
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