Which of the following would cause a compiler error? (Choose two)

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float[] = new float(3);


float f2[] = new float[];


float[] f1 = new float[3];


float f3[] = new float[3];


float f5[] = { 1.0f, 2.0f, 2.0f };


Author Explanation :

A is incorrect because array creation syntax is wrong<br/>
B is incorrect since array size is missing

Answers Posted

PostedBy By: Sana Dhanani, at 04:40 AM on 28-June-2019

Answer Posted: A

Explanation: A and E

Result: Wrong Answer

PostedBy By: subbu. kurapati, at 10:36 AM on 26-March-2019

Answer Posted: A B

Explanation: Option A------>syntatical error OptionB------->size of array not mentioned

Result: Correct

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