The application includes the following code and recieves JSON data in the below format { "EmpId":1, "EmpName":"E1", "EmpSalary":2000.00 } public class Employee { public int EmpId{get;set;} public string EmpName{get;set;} public decimal EmpSalary {get ;set;} } public static Employee ConvertToEmployee(string json) { var serializer=new JavaScriptSerializer(); } we need to ensure that the ConvertToEmployee() method returns the JSON input string as an Employee object. What should be the return statement for the above method?

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Return serializer.ConvertToType<Employee>(json);


Return serializer.DeserializeObject(json);


Return serializer.Deserialize<Employee>(json);


Return (Employee)ser.Serialize(json);


Author Explanation :

 JavaScriptSerializer.Deserialize<T> - Converts the specified JSON string to an object of type T

Answers Posted

PostedBy By: Abdul Samad Qureshi, at 02:46 PM on 27-March-2019

Answer Posted: C

Explanation: It should convert the json string into the type specified

Result: Correct

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