How to skip a method or a code block in TestNG?

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@Test(enabled = true)


@Test(enabled = false)


@Test(disabled = false)


@Test(disabled = true)


None of the above


Author Explanation :

If you want to skip a particular test method, then you can set the ‘enabled’ parameter in test annotation to false.

Answers Posted

PostedBy By: Shyam Prakash Pemmaraju, at 06:46 AM on 24-April-2019

Answer Posted: B

Explanation: its correct

Result: Correct

PostedBy By: Saikiran K, at 03:33 AM on 24-April-2019

Answer Posted:

Explanation: test disable false

Result: Wrong Answer

PostedBy By: vamshi, at 09:21 AM on 23-April-2019

Answer Posted: B

Explanation: B

Result: Correct

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