Course Overview

This course, Data Factory and Data Lake will enable you to master the techniques of performing Big Data Engineering on Microsoft Cloud Services.

In this course, you'll be introduced to Azure Data Lake, the U-SQL language, query using the powerful U-SQL language, built straight into the Azure Data Lake, how to throw your files into the Data Lake and query them directly without needing to load them into a database

Finally, you'll learn about how Azure Data Lakes offers the best of both worlds, with support for unstructured files and structured databases. By the end of this course, you’ll know what a Data Lake is, how to populate it, query it, and develop for it using Visual Studio, how to connect power bi with data lake and using data factory


  • Understand what is Azure Data lake and its architecture
  • How to copy data from azure SQL data lake
  • How to load data from data lake to PowerBI
  • Create Azure Data Lake account and Data Lake Storage
  • ETL process by creating a Pipeline in Data Factory.
  • Load Data from Data Lake to Power BI.
  • Using Data Factory for automating the movement of data and transformation of data.
  • Design and Implement Complex Event Processing using Azure Stream Analytics.
  • Design and Implement Analytics by using Azure Data Lake.
  • Design and Implement Azure SQL Data Warehouse Solutions
  • Design and Implement Cloud-Based Integration by using Azure Data Factory.
  • Manage and Maintain Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Stream Analytics.


Knowledge on data engineering issues with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Stream Analytics.

Training Syllabus

  • What is Data Lake?
  • What is Azure Data Lake?
  • Data Lake Architecture?
  • Create Azure Data Lake account and Data Lake Storage
  • Explore Data Lake Analytics
  • Explore Data Lake Store
  • Uploading Sample File
  • Using Azure Portal
  • Using Storage Explorer
  • Create simple Job
  • Using Simple U-SQL Query
  • Understanding AU
  • Overview of Job Graph
  • Introduction to U-SQL
  • Extractors and Outputters
  • Azure Data Lake Schema on Read
  • Rowset
  • U-SQL Datatypes:
  • Using C# inline Functions
  • Process data From Multiple Files and Filter it
  • Using Visual Studio for Executing U-SQL Script
  • U-SQL Catalog
  • Working With Table Valued Function
  • Create Database, Schema and Table
  • Insert Data
  • Query Table
  • Working With View
  • Working With Stored Procedure
  • Using Inline Function and operators
  • Using Code-Behind Class
  • Using Custom Assembly
  • Using Visual Studio to create and register assembly.
  • U-SQL JOB Architecture
  • Understanding Job Graph
  • Understanding Job Heat Map
  • Monitoring and Optimizing U-SQL Jobs
  • What is Data Factory?
  • Data Factory Key Components
    • Pipeline and Activity
    • Linked Service
    • Data Set
    • Integration Runtime
  • Create Resource Group
  • Create Storage Account
  • Provision SQL Server and Create Database
  • Provision Data Factory
    • Understanding Data Factory UI
    • Copy Data from Blob Storage to SQL Database (Use Copy Data Wizard)
    • Copy data from storage account to storage account
      • Create Linked service
      • Create Dataset
      • Create Pipeline
    • Integration Service
    • Copy Data from on-premise SQL Server to Blob Storage
  • Understanding Lookup Activity
  • Understanding For Each Activity
  • Filter Activity
  • Get Metadata Activity
  • Provisioning Azure - SSIS Integration Runtime
  • Execute SSIS Packages from Azure
  • Execute SSIS Packages from SSISDB
  • Debug Pipeline
  • Trigger pipeline manually
  • Monitor pipeline
  • Trigger pipeline on schedule

Azure Courses

Fees and timings

  • Azure Administrator Suite: AZ-103 (AZ-100 + AZ-101):
  • Rs. 17,500/- + GST or USD 300/-
  • Azure Suite Plus (AZ-103 + AZ-203 + AZ-300 + AZ-400 + DataFactory & DataLake)
  • Rs. 22500/- + GST or USD 375/-
  • Azure Devops(AZ-400)
  • Rs. 12000/- + or USD 200/-
  • DataFactory & DataLake
  • Rs. 5000/- + or USD 90/-
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