WPF IntroductionDemo Videos

44 mins

videoimage WPF Introduction
28 mins
videoimage First WPF Application
16 mins

XAML Overview Demo Videos

16 mins

videoimage XAML
16 mins

Layout Controls Demo Videos

61 mins

videoimage Using Layouts Containers
44 mins
videoimage About Window Properties
17 mins

Controls and Menus

184 mins

videoimage Content Controls
27 mins
videoimage Text Controls
16 mins
videoimage Shape Controls
7 mins
videoimage Container Controls
18 mins
videoimage Media Controls
31 mins
videoimage List Controls
24 mins
videoimage Scroll Controls
13 mins
videoimage Menu and StatusBar Controls
24 mins
videoimage WinForms Controls
24 mins

Events and Commands

71 mins

videoimage Predefined and Custom Commands
28 mins
videoimage Tunnelling and Bubbling of Events
43 mins


35 mins

videoimage Styles
35 mins

Resourses and Themes

50 mins

videoimage Resources and Themes
50 mins

Control Templates

37 mins

videoimage Control Templates
37 mins

User Control

29 mins

videoimage User Control
29 mins

Data Binding

183 mins

videoimage Overview and Syntax
48 mins
videoimage List Data Binding and Data Template
26 mins
videoimage ICollection View
18 mins
videoimage Object Data Provider
16 mins
videoimage XML Data Provider
11 mins
videoimage List View and Grid View
22 mins
videoimage Data Grid
42 mins


56 mins

videoimage Fixed Document
17 mins
videoimage Flow Document
39 mins

Animation and Media

128 mins

videoimage Animation
34 mins
videoimage Easing and Types of Animations
43 mins
videoimage Bitmap Effects
17 mins
videoimage WPF Transformations
34 mins

Sample Project with Complete Source Code


Implementing Asynchronous Programming Patterns


MVVM Pattern


Prism Pattern+ Project


Implement a WPF test strategy


Implement security features of an application