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Interview Questions and Answer
a. System.Window.Navigation
b. System.Windows.Media
c. System.Window.Media
d. System.Windows.Interop
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a. Dock Panel
b. Grid
c. Uniform Grid
d. Absolute Layout
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a. Orientation=”horizontal
b. Orientation=”Vertical”
c. Orientation=”Top”
d. Orientation=”Right”
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a. Indicates where an element should be displayed on the horizontal axis relative to the allocated layout slot of the parent element
b. child element is vertically positioned or stretched within a parent's layout slot.
c. Arranges elements in rows and Columns according to the table
d. Arranges elements in top to bottom.
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a. VerticalAlignment=”Bottom”
b. HorizontalAlignment=”Center”
c. VerticalAlignment=”Center”
d. Dock=”Right”
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a. <object Margin=”left,top,right,bottom” />
b. <object Margin=”left,top” />
c. <object Margin=”top,left,right,bottom” />
d. <object Margin=””left,right,top,bottom” />
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