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An Enterprise Network has many applications which might be spread over multiple machines, and that is what is referred as Distributed Computing. Communication happens between multiple processes which can reside either on same machine or different machines. In Microsoft universe we have two options for doing this viz

  1. Remoting
  2. Web Services

Remoting is used for building distributed objects whose functionality can be used by other .net applications on the same network. Similar to its other technology counterpart, RMI in Java and CORBA in C++ or Java, they are not interoperable and can be used only in .NET but are very fast as they use binary form of communication between clients and server.

Web Services are used for writing Service Oriented Application (SOA) applications. We can implement some business functionality as objects and expose them over internet so that a client using any language and any platform can consume it. In short Web Services are Interoperable and best way for one to use the functionality of Java in .net and vice-versa.

BestDontNetTraining’s Web Services and Remoting Online training course will provide a very good understand of what is Distributed Computing and SOA. It covers advantages and limitations of Remoting and Web Services along with possible examples. This course is designed to only be used as a prerequisite for anyone who wants to eventually learn WCF which is modern way of implementing Service Orientation with lots of advanced features.

WS & Remoting Training Modules: 2
Total Video Duration: 3 Hours 14 Minutes
Mr. Sandeep Soni
Founder, Trainer & CEO, Deccansoft Software Services.
He belives in learning followed by practicing then making it easier for others to learn Technology subjects.
He has been training for last 18 years.
He is Microsoft's MCTS, MCPD, MCSD certified and is Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

Online WS & Remoting Training Course Objectives

The course will allow learners to

  • Understand Distributed computing.
  • Compare Remoting with DCOM, CORBA and RMI
  • Develop a console based Server with Remoting Object
  • Consume remote object in a console based client application
  • Develop, Configure and Host Web services in a IIS Web Server
  • Understand the role of WSDL in building a proxy class.
  • Write a client application to consume the service.

WS & Remoting Training Prerequisites

The subscriber should have working knowledge of C# programming language.
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