Prerequisite-Web Services


videoimage Introduction to distributed programming
29 mins
videoimage Developing Webservice and Client
30 mins
videoimage Pass by value and pass by reference
20 mins
videoimage SOAP Header
15 mins
videoimage Asynchronously Calling Web Method
8 mins
videoimage Securing Webservices
30 mins



videoimage Remoting Part-1
50 mins
videoimage Remoting Part-2
12 mins

Introduction to WCF

28 mins

videoimage Introduction to WCF and SOA
28 mins

Developing WCF Service Application and Client

48 mins

videoimage First WCF Application and Client
18 mins
videoimage InstanceContext behavior
11 mins
videoimage Console based Hosting Environment
19 mins

Channel Stacks & Bindings in WCF

37 mins

videoimage Types of Bindings
37 mins

Endpoints in configuration file

55 mins

videoimage Configuration File Settings.
55 mins

Understanding Service and Data Contracts

86 mins

videoimage Service and Data Contracts
56 mins
videoimage DataContract Version Tolerance
10 mins
videoimage Known Types
20 mins

Handling WCF Exceptions/Faults

30 mins

videoimage Exceptions and Faults
30 mins

Message Exchange Patterns

50 mins

videoimage Message Patterns & Oneway Operations
25 mins
videoimage Duplex Pattern (Callback)
25 mins

Transactions in WCF

64 mins

videoimage WCF Transations
50 mins
videoimage Transactions & Sessions
14 mins


42 mins

videoimage Microsoft Message Queue
42 mins

Security in WCF

134 mins

videoimage Introduction and Messages Encryption Demo
23 mins
videoimage Windows Authentication
16 mins
videoimage Windows Authentication - 2
16 mins
videoimage SSL & Basic Authentication
24 mins
videoimage Authentication using Membership Provider
25 mins
videoimage Role Based Authentication
15 mins
videoimage Custom Authentication & Role based Authorization
15 mins