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SSIS Introductory Course

SQL SERVER Integration service is a platform for data integration and workflow application. It has fast and flexible data warehousing tool used for data extraction,transformation and loading.(ETL)

Course Modules
  • MSBI Introduction
    Preview 44 Mins : 0

  • SSIS Introduction
    63 Mins : 0

  • Data Flow Task1
    65 Mins : 0

  • Data Flow Task2
    58 Mins : 0

  • Transformations Part1
    Preview 41 Mins : 0

  • Transformation Part2
    55 Mins : 0

  • Transformations Part3
    31 Mins : 0

  • Transformations Part4
    70 Mins : 0

  • Transformations Part5
    43 Mins : 0

  • Transformations Part6
    84 Mins : 0

  • Transformations Part7
    52 Mins : 0

  • Control Flow Part1
    38 Mins : 0

  • Control Flow Part2
    31 Mins : 0

  • Control Flow Part3
    41 Mins : 0

  • Control Flow Part4
    42 Mins : 0

  • Debugging
    51 Mins : 0

  • Logging And Event Handling
    25 Mins : 0

  • Configuration And Parameters
    44 Mins : 0

  • Transaction And Check Points
    33 Mins : 0

  • Package Deployment
    49 Mins : 0

  • Project Deployment Model
    26 Mins : 0

  • Package Execution
    54 Mins : 0


What you will Learn

  • Understand MSBI application development Life Cycle.
  • Understand basic Data Warehousing Concepts.
  • Understand the Concept of OLTP and OLAP.
  • Use SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) in detail for development of SSIS packages.
  • Learn SSIS Architecture, Components of SSIS.
  • Gain complete understanding of different control flow tasks, containers and precedence constraints.
  • Gain complete understanding of wide variety of data flow Sources, Transformations and Destinations.
  • Learn to work with variables, data types, functions, expressions and parameters and providing Dynamism in SSIS.
  • Develop packages using different tasks and different Transformations based on real time requirements.
  • Learn working with event handler, Logging, Configuration Files.
  • Learn Error Handling and Debugging in SSIS.
  • Learn package deployment and project deployment.
  • Gain understanding of Security and Package management.

Participants are need to be familiar with basic RDBMS concepts with skills to write queries. Working experience on any RDBMS would be an added advantage.


A well known trainer at Deccansoft for more than 6 years, she is a specialist in SQL Server 2008 and has taught well over many students. Her uniqueness lies in conducting her classes with ease and clarity, making her students understand even the most complex queries with no difficulty at all. Her class sessions are also now available as videos, targeting students who want to learn the course at their own pace and convenience. An avid learner, she has now trained herself in Microsoft Business Intelligence suite of products (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS), a must for everyone specializing in Business Intelligence and will soon be launching the classes which will definitely enhance one's knowledge in SQL Server.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Best DotNet Training offers Any Live Projects?

Yes, with every course we have a sample project document along that contains complete source code. We also provide a special course on developing live project which will help you to learn the process involved in all the stages of application development.For more details please check" Live Projects "page.

What do I get When I take Subscription?

You will be able to do following things for each of the module
  1. Video Access for the perios mentioned in the subscription
  2. Course Material in PDF format - you can download and save them for future references
  3. Assignments-For you to practise the subject learnt over a period of time. We also provide solutions for most of the assignments
  4. InterviewQuestions - In every module we provide you with a set of interview questions
  5. Online Exam - You can evaluate yourself and you can do the same for each and every module
  6. Tech Support - For any kind of questions you may have while practising the subject

What are the Software Requirements for online classes?

You need to have latest version of Visual Studio .NET i.e:VS.NET 2017 installed on your machine and no additional software is required.You can download the trial version from here. Links for downloading the required software (Some are free and some are free trials) Visual C#.Net 2010 Express
Visual Basic 2010 Express
Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
Visual Studio 2010 Express All-In-One ISO
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Trial-ISO
SQL Server Express
SharePoint 2010
Windows Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2008 R2
SharePoint Server 2010
SharePoint Designer 2010
Search Server 2010 Express
MS-Office 2010
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