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Interview Questions and Answer
a. By referencing the parent package's variables from the child packages using a package configuration
b. Add the variables to be used by the child packages to the parent package's Shared Variable collection
c. This functionality is not supported by SSIS
d. Establish an inter-program named pipe between the packages at runtime
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a. Right click on the value and click the \view line age\ menu option
b. By reviewing the package progress window
c. By turning on detailed package logging and reviewing the lot after the next test run
d. SSIS does not provide this functionality
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a. pre-execution or post-execution
b. loop iteration
c. on warning
d. on error event of a single task container or package
e. All the Above
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a. Executing the package partially
b. Debugging Control Flow tasks
c. Debugging Data Flow task
d. All the Above
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a. Recode the package based on the functionality in SQL Server DTS
b. Use the Migrate DTS 2000 Package wizard in BIDS then recode any portion of the package that is not accurate
c. None the Above
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a. Setting up breakpoints
b. Using Progress tab information
c. Using Debug windows
d. None of the above
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