The first wave of Computing was the Mainframe. The Second wave was the Mini-Computer. The third wave was Personal-Computer. The fourth wave was Network Computing. And now the Fifth wave is generally called the Data wave.

MSBI Evolution

Ride the Data/ Business Intelligence/ Analytics wave of computing…….. It promises and bright career.

Almost all the companies these days have data storage systems. Employees/Users will simply enter the data into a dimensional data base where the information pertaining to the transaction is stored. Company Management in most cases have a crude way to see this data, but most part the stored data will not be used by the Management in their daily decision making. The reason being, in its present form this data is not useful for making decisions. The management for example may have a list of items sold to different customers, but this does not really tell the management or the Sales team anything other than the fact that a particular customer bought an item.
Business Intelligence on the other hand is very useful to the Management. What if the Management was able to take the information form the data-warehouse and see what companies are always late in paying for the items they ordered? What if the sales department is able to see that a Client X orders a shipment of items every six months, wouldn’t it be nice if the sales team contacts the client at the 5.5 month mark. What if a company has suddenly stopped ordering your items and the sales department can see that and contact them.
MSBI circle
Basically Business Intelligence is a way to talk to data that you already have. The end result is to provide insights that will help in improving business decisions.Hence it is a skill in great demand in organizations.

Microsoft Business Intelligence – MSBI Suite

MSBI Stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. This powerful suite is composed of tools which helps in providing solutions for Business Intelligence generation. These tools help explore insights which help in better decision making. And these insights are generated through superior and relevant Data Mining queries. This tool uses visual studio along with SQL Server. It basically empowers users to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for better decision making in an organization. It offer different tools for different processes which are required in Business Intelligence BI solutions.

MSBI Sub categories

Microsoft SQL Server

database allows the businesses, to store information related to a specific topic in an organized way. In the most basic form database is a collection of data. However it not only stores data but also helps in other important aspects of sorting, extracting and summarizing the data. And these data points helps make informed decisions, which can have far reaching impact.

As data becomes dense and thick, it becomes tough for us to cut through the maze and find the data which is relevant to us for any specific purpose. And this is where SQL, pronounced as "sequel" comes in to play.

Structured Query Language (SQL), as the name suggests is the language that interacts with the relational databases, whereas SQL SERVER is the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) from Microsoft. SQL is a language and SQL Sever is a product.

SQL is a standardized language, which is used for accessing and manipulating data in a Relational database.

SQL performs four basic operation on the database which serves most of the decision makers needs form the data. These are: Insert, Select, Update and Delete. (Also called Create, Update, read and delete or CURD operations)

Learning and developing SQL skill can one of the best career decisions you would make. The potential salary is great. The demand for SQL Skill set in the industry is huge. You no longer have to rely on others for your data requirements. You have the capability to ask any question to your business and it will answer. (Yes… it is pretty much like a gene out of bottle)

Job satisfaction levels are extremely high: A survey rated BI job satisfaction level at 4 out of 5.

Computer world has rated Business Intelligence/Analytics 5th hottest skill for the year 2016

Ready to learn SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS

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Still looking for reasons to pursue SQL or not. Here a few of them listed:

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  1. Good salaries.
  2. Relatively Secured jobs as the demand is huge.
  3. Get answers to pressing questions - you don’t have to rely of over-simplified, pre-build email reports nor on a colleague to give you the data you want.
  4. Avoid MS Excel crashes and the causal heart burns. Excel is great tool but not designed to handle tens of millions of rows at once. SQL helps you work with humongous database.
  5. With SQL code, you simply write the code once, save it, re-open it and re-run it, if you have to produce the report twice. Imagine the hours or even days that you will get back each month by not having to manually procure that data and produce the report.
  6. There are different ways to think about the same problem, which can lead to different solutions to the same problem. Learning SQL will teach you to think in sets rather than iteratively; this in long term will make you a far better programmer.

Ride the next wave in computing. Be SQL ready.