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Master Docker and Kubernetes with Microservices

Learn how to build scalable and reliable microservices architecture using Docker and Kubernetes.


Docker is Linux-based open-source software that is used to develop, ship, and run docker services quickly. This containerization platform provides its native clustering tool to schedule containers on machine clusters. The docker containers act as a core building block in recent applications thereby making it easy to build code, run distributed architectures, and deploy them continuously.


This open-source orchestration platform is used to deploy containerized applications automatically. It is also used for developing and deploying scalable, reliable systems containers using API’s. With Kubernetes, you can facilitate both declarative configuration and automation. It acts as a self-service platform that creates a hardware abstraction layer for the development team.


With Microservices, it is possible to make a continuous delivery even for a large applications as it divides the whole application into a different pool of loosely coupled services. It provides opportunities to develop flexible, scalable, and reliable independent applications. Microservices are the best way for SOA implementation and its features are highlighted because of its continuous supply model.

What is Microservices


While using monolithic architecture in previous years, the developers felt overwhelmed by work because they have to develop and maintain the application codebase every time as the application grows in size. But microservices give a complete lifecycle of an application with the continuous delivery model by providing a single service perform activity for developers, operation, and testing teams. So that most industries would like to adopt microservice architectures. In this microservice Suite package, you will learn about microservices architecture and the role of Docker and Kubernetes in microservice architecture building.

Microservices architecture using Docker and Kubernetes

Docker is a containerization platform, and Kubernetes is a container orchestrator for containers. Docker can be used for developing, distributing, and running Docker containers using its native clustering tool. Kubernetes is referred to as an orchestration system for Docker containers that is more extensive than Docker Swarm. It is based on the pod’s concepts, which are scheduling units in the Kubernetes zone. Even though Kubernetes and Docker differ in their technologies, they work very well together, and both facilitate distributed architecture in terms of management and deployment of containers.


We have noticed that the development and operations teams have already changed the way of their testing and releasing methodology for modern software applications. As Large and small software companies started to implement container instances for their deployment, they need potential programmers to manage their containers and applications. If becoming an expert in microservice architecture using Docker/Kubernetes platforms is your goal, then we have you covered with our complete package called Microservice Suite.

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Career In Microservices :

  • We have noticed that technologies today have evolved a lot to suite the requirements of today's needs of customers and projects.
  • If you are hardcore developer in Microsoft stack and not using latest features of the technology specially .NET Core very soon you will find yourself outdated. Develop a Site Reliability Engineering(SRE)
  • Building Microservices application will give you an opportunity to touch base with all the advance features of the language and expand your scope.

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Who is this Course For?​

  • Analysts / Managers who want to replace a paper / excel business process into an application-driven process
  • Analysts / Managers who want to quickly create an application for their business without any code
  • Students who want to impress employers with a relevant high-in-demand and growing Microsoft skill
  • People who are interested to build their own web and phone-based apps, with minimal coding
  • Seasoned PowerApps users / developers who want to enhance their skills (expert and advanced sections)
  • Database administrators who want to find an easier way to manage, store, edit, and add data

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