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LINQ Centric C# Language Extensions

70 mins

videoimage Anonymous Types
30 mins
videoimage Partial Classes
20 mins
videoimage Extension Methods
20 mins

Linq Architecture

18 mins

videoimage Linq Architecture
18 mins

Linq Queries

142 mins

videoimage Linq Queries Syntax
48 mins
videoimage Lambda Expressions
57 mins
videoimage Linq Queries over Custom Collections
37 mins

Linq to SQL

242 mins

videoimage Linq to Sql
29 mins
videoimage Performing CRUD Operations
59 mins
videoimage Performing CRUD Operations Using Joins
30 mins
videoimage Delay Loading
7 mins
videoimage Dealing with Concurrency Issues
26 mins
videoimage Linq and Stored Procedure
34 mins
videoimage Performing CRUD Operation Using Stored Operation
34 mins
videoimage Transaction Handling
23 mins

Linq To DataSet

19 mins

videoimage Linq to Dataset
19 mins


31 mins

videoimage Linq to XML
31 mins

Sample Project with Complete Source Code