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Statistics for Data Science using R

Statistics is one of the most important work horses for Data Science. In the Data career you will have to derive insights out of complex and noisy data. Uncertainty is inherent in noisy data. Statisti...

21 Modules     58.12 Hours    1 Course Materials    0 Course Assignments

Machine Learning with R-Language

Machine Learning offers clever alternatives in analysing huge volumes of data. It’s a hybrid of computer science and statistics and is being aggressively adopted in multifarious industry applications....

10 Modules     29.82 Hours    0 Course Materials    0 Course Assignments

SQL Server 2014

SQL SERVER is a Microsoft's Relational database Management System. It is a fully featured database primarily designed for the Enterprise environment and is heavily used in the industry....

17 Modules     22.47 Hours    19 Course Materials    1 Course Assignments

SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)

SQL SERVER Integration service is a platform for data integration and workflow application. It has fast and flexible data warehousing tool used for data extraction,transformation and loading.(ETL)...

10 Modules     17.33 Hours    9 Course Materials    0 Course Assignments

SQL Service Analysis Service (SSAS)

SQL SERVER Analysis Services in the technology form Microsoft Business Intelligence stack and is used to develop online analytical processing (OLAP) solutions....

13 Modules     14.92 Hours    13 Course Materials    0 Course Assignments

Please Note: Some of the courses included here are delivered as Live Training by our Subject Matter Experts. To participate, you are requested to inform us well in advance so that we can accommodate you in any new batch announced by us.

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Senior / Advanced MS.NET Developer
Data Scientist: statistics with R + Machine learning with R
Mean Stack Frontend / UI Developer
SharePoint Administrator and Developer


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