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Complete C#, OOPs & Windows Programming + Live Project

Learning C# is the ideal choice for all DotNet developers for building applications as it is widely used throughout multiple programming disciplines. C# has the SIMPLICITY of Java, the POWER of C++, ...

26 Modules     72.7 Hours    74 Course Materials    68 Course Assignments

ASP.NET WebForms + Live Project

If you are interested in developing dynamic websites and web applications using ASP.NET Framework, learning ASP.NET Web Forms from BestDotNetTraining’s online training would be of great use. And C...

21 Modules     36.88 Hours    76 Course Materials    30 Course Assignments

SQL Server 2014

SQL SERVER is a Microsoft's Relational database Management System. It is a fully featured database primarily designed for the Enterprise environment and is heavily used in the industry....

17 Modules     22.47 Hours    19 Course Materials    1 Course Assignments

LINQ + Entity Framework + Live Project

LINQ – Language Integrated Query is a way to write queries on various data sources specially collection of objects, sql database, xml document. The queries syntax is very similar to SQL queries and in...

11 Modules     12.57 Hours    11 Course Materials    0 Course Assignments

C & Data Structures

If you are a beginner and want to jump start your career in Software Development, learning C is a good choice. Especially with BestDotNetTraining’s online training, you will have an excellent platfor...

18 Modules     26.13 Hours    52 Course Materials    36 Course Assignments

ASP.NET MVC 5.2 + Web API + Live Project

Learn MVC to build web apps using the Model View Controller pattern. ASP.NET MVC 5 provides this functionality to the ASP.NET framework as an alternative to the Web Forms pattern. (Though WebForm is c...

27 Modules     34.63 Hours    66 Course Materials    12 Course Assignments

JavaScript and HTML DOM + Live Examples

JavaScript allows you to build interactive websites. JavaScript has become essential web technology along with HTML & CSS - a must for front end developer....

7 Modules     6.18 Hours    21 Course Materials    14 Course Assignments

Please Note: Some of the courses included here are delivered as Live Training by our Subject Matter Experts. To participate, you are requested to inform us well in advance so that we can accommodate you in any new batch announced by us.

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MS.NET Foundation for Beginners
Senior / Advanced MS.NET Developer
Data Scientist: statistics with R + Machine learning with R
Mean Stack Frontend / UI Developer
SharePoint Administrator and Developer

Trainer Profile

Mr. Sandeep Soni, CEO & Founder of Deccansoft Software Services. is brain child of Mr. Sandeep Soni.This site has been developed to break the barriers of traditional classroom-style education beyond the geographical and time zone barriers and reach audience all over the world.

From his engineering days, Sandeep has been in love with Microsoft Technologies. He has worked hard to learn MS Technologies, w......


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