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Why Azure?

In Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft shared with the world how large its cloud platform is and who is using these services. They boosted that they have more data centers than Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google's Cloud Service combined and that 85% of Fortune 500 companies are currently using Azure in some or the other capacity.

Some statistics* about Microsoft Azure that was shared:

  • They are adding close to 120k new users every month.
  • There are 1.4 million SQL databases in Azure.
  • 2 trillion messages per week processed by Azure IoT.
  • 5 Million Organizations using Azure Active directory.
  • 4 million developers registered with visual studio team services.
  • 40 % azure revenues are from start-up or ISV (Independent software vendors).

AZURE is a compelling proposition for many client companies worldwide. The problems and hassles related to on premise management is driving customers towards cloud also there are associated cost advantages.

You and your colleagues should also adopt Azure skill, it will be required in coming days! We can make your Azure training easy.

Deccansoft (a Microsoft Learning Partner company) has been in the business of Software development and Training for last 20 years. For last 4 years our senior trainers have been personally shifting more focus on Azure and for last 2 years we have been strongly encouraging our alumina (past students) to focus on Azure as well.

With some practical industry exposure and access to Microsoft Official Courseware (since we are a partner company), we have been able to create In-depth training courses on Azure. We have conducted over 12 batches last year and trained close to 200 working professionals. We are also in the process of developing Azure certification content.

For those who are on top experts in Private cloud, there is plenty of opportunity for you. If you are not at the top of this private cloud game or if you have 10-20 years more to go in your working career then you really need to consider Azure and our training.

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform form Microsoft. It gives all the necessary infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and service through a world-wide networks of Microsoft managed data centers.

Microsoft Azure sales have been in the upswing since it was renamed Microsoft Azure from Windows Azure in March, 2014 and is reflected well by the stock price chart of Microsoft Inc.

* Azure skill search results as on 30th July 2016.

Microsoft is building a complete ecosystem in Azure. Azure is a departure for Microsoft from products intended to do a lot of different things to a more pointed service that do specific task very well.

And Experts agree that Microsoft has done a very good job in building out this ecosystem….. And it’s evolving by the minute!

Microsoft has expanded its scope and reach, it’s no more catering to windows environment alone. It is continuously pushing itself in other environments a well. This means it can reach a much wider audience, now. Also its existing Windows customer base represents a big opportunity for Azure.

Microsoft Visual Studio obviously works well with Microsoft Azure, but it has also reached out to other developer ecosystems. Microsoft Azure has much deeper Developer tool integration and as a result it has a fully stacked tool box available.

A simple Microsoft Azure skill search in returns more than 33000 job openings in India alone*.


Best Curricula ! Best Trainer ! Best Career !

* Azure skill search results as on 30th July 2016.