Which method is called when the application goes to the background in Xamarin.Forms?

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Author Explanation :

There are 3 important states in life cycle of Application in Xamarin Forms<br/>
OnStart(): Called when the application starts.<br/>
OnSleep(): Called each time the application goes to the background.<br/>
OnResume(): Called when the application is resumed, after being sent to the background.<br/>
There is no method for application termination. Under normal circumstances (ie. not a crash) application termination will happen fom the OnSleep state, without any additional notifications to your code

Answers Posted

PostedBy By: Akhil, at 03:15 PM on 01-April-2019

Answer Posted: C

Explanation: c

Result: Correct

PostedBy By: Pinisetti, at 05:36 AM on 25-March-2019

Answer Posted: C

Explanation: While executing the application...based on the life cycle it varies from (On start----->On sleep------>On Resume) so the application is running on background so there is no chance to (On start and On resume)----Finally the app will goes under background Thank you

Result: Correct

PostedBy By: Akhil, at 05:24 AM on 25-March-2019

Answer Posted: C

Explanation: Onsleep

Result: Correct

PostedBy By: Admin, at 05:20 AM on 25-March-2019

Answer Posted:

Explanation: B

Result: Wrong Answer

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