Deccansoft Presents - IMPACT PLUS (Integrated Methodologies for Proficiency AT Core Technologies).


Recommended for:

    Someone, who wants to become a Software Programmer.
    Someone, who is Finding it difficult to Clear Job Technical Interview.
    Someone, who has Completed Graduation and wants to build his/her Career in Technology Industry.
    Someone, who is Not Sure what he wants to do, but Technology and Technology Products EXCITES you.
    Someone, who wants to bring to life his Product or Service Idea.

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If you find yourself in any of these categories then, most likely IMPACT PLUS will give you exactly what you want.


Course Exclusively for Beginners to the Information Technology Industry.
Exhaustive Training in 5 Technology Tracks involving Web Application Development.
Covers the Basic Background, Terminology and Fundamental Concepts that you need to Understand in order to build full stack Web Applications.

"Programming is easy. You just sit down on the computer, slit your wrists, and give your blood."
-Unknown ,Poorly Trained -Programmer.
Our Background (of Training for 19 years) tells us that just about Anybody can Learn the Skills needed to Become a Programmer / Developer.
All you have to do is to follow the Path that many had taken for Success and do the same things they did.
We have Named this Success Path as IMPACT PLUS.
You need to Recognize that a Large Part of Your Success will depend on Your Confidence to do Programming.
The Mechanics to Learn Programming is extensively covered here in IMPACT PLUS for you. All You have to Do is go Through the Lectures,act on the steps that follow,Write your first Program and write more and more programs.

Remember the More you Write Codes, the Easier it will become.

Just about everything that you do easily now was once difficult to do.

From Difficult to Easy: Fear to Confidence: Incompetent to Competent - that’s a Journey we repeat over and over again in our lives. It's this journey that gives life a meaning, it prevents boredom, depression and Burnout and…..It's good for you! It builds healthy self- esteem and discourages unhealthy addictions and destructive behavior.

Gaining new competence in any skill, such as programming, automatically enhance your Confidence in other areas. In short you are going to find the ability to write programs to be a major asset personally and for your company.

Mr. Sandeep Soni
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
Trainer, Exp: 18 yrs
Mobile: +91 9849001840



    There is a Gap between what Companies Expect from New Graduates and What the Trainee Engineers know, IMPACT PLUS aims to fill this gap.
    Corporates of all sizes, small, medium and large have a common problem – Not able to find QUALITY software professionals with good theory and practical knowledge, IMPACT PLUS also aims to help companies get their fill through our pool of well-trained students.
IMPACT PLUS is a 100% JOB READY training program in which the participants will be provided complete theory and practical knowledge of the technology.

All participants will be aggressively trained personally by Mr. Sandeep Soni on the following topics:

Real Time Projects:
Opportunity to work in at least 2 projects. Idea is to give you a picture of Software Development Cycle using N-Tier architecture. This is as close as it can get to the real thing.

This Will Include Case Projects on both Windows as well as Web Application.


  • Placement Assistance through our Industry network.
  • Group Discussion.
  • Mock Interviews.
  • Resume Building.

How IMPACT PLUS does, what it Claims to Do?

IMPACT PLUS can be compared to a Flight Plan. Like a Flight Plan guides an Aero Plane to reach its Destination , similarly IMPACT PLUS guides you in your Journey from a Graduate to a Skilled Graduate Programmer. Based on our experience of training thousands of students in last 19 years, We now know where the learning Aero plane can face tough weather.
We ensure that these critical phases of learning are handled well .
We ensure there is no gap in learning and the end result most often than not surprises the learner himself/herself.
A lso our interaction with Industry players in last 19 years ensures that we can assure you placement assistance .

Benefits / Highlights of the Program:

Training and direct guidance of Mr. Sandeep Soni having more than 18years of exposure to Software Development.

Personnel Attention with max of 15 candidates per batch.

Access to online training material of Deccansoft.

100% placement assistance will be provided.

Group Discussion & Assessments

Personality Development Sessions.

Resume preparation and placement orientation.

Microsoft Certification Guidance.

15 days Money back guarantee if not satisfied.


After taking the basic details from our reception, you are can personally meet Mr. Sandeep Soni for technical discussion. This will help you to understand how much benefit you can take from the program and is suitable to you or not.


To enroll please contact Mrs. Kashmira Shah @ 8008327000 or you can send an email to

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