How to improve your coding skills


The best way of improving your coding skills is firstly “Throw your fear on coding in the dustbin” and stop thinking about whether I’m doing correct (or) wrong. Because the best programmers are the people who make a lot of mistakes and wrong coding in the beginning. So if you are doing wrong coding now then you must feel great that you’re going to become the best programmer soon.


Everyone may have their own definitions on improving coding skills. In my definition following are the characteristics:

  1. Practice
  2. Analyse
  3. Optimizing
  4. Share knowledge



  1. Practice all the basic programs like an even-odd number, prime numbers, Fibonacci series etc.…..
  2. Don’t just copy and paste the code from your material that will never improve your logical thinking.
  3. Write a program with your hands.
  4. Debug the code ‘N’ number of times until you understand the logic behind that program.
  5. Take own requirements and try to get expected outputs.
  6. Follow all the naming conventions.
  7. Write comments for every 3 line of code or for every block of code.
  8. Do hard work first smart work next.
  9. Think out of the bounds.




  1. Imagine a picture of work before start programming.
  2. Proper planning is required before implementing the code.
  3. Choose tools which are required for your requirement.
  4. Think like an End User, to make your application more efficient.
  5. Commitment before starting the application and take a deadline, unless you take some deadlines you will never finish the program/ application.
  6. Understand the error before searching for a solution.
  7. Don’t just copy and paste the unknown code from the internet, understand the flow of the code first. And learn the unknown topics from that.



  1. Think of the alternate ways of implementing the code.Ex: Think like what is the fastest way to compute the Nth Fibonacci number. In the formal case, there is a simple formula. In the later case, the recursive definition allows for an iterative approach which only requires an addition and variable shuffling at each stage.
    Binet’s formula corresponding to the nth Fibonacci number,formula
  2. Take your friends or colleagues advice on how you can code in another way.
  3. Diagnose performance problems and measure the speed impact of your code changes.
  4. Remove unnecessary declarations.
  5. Avoid using nested iterations as many, instead, try with other solution.

Sharing Knowledge:


  1. Participate in group discussions and Seminars or Webinars.
  2. Review others code so you can learn some new concepts and their way of writing.
  3. Read blogs, forums, and articles