Top 5 Techniques for improving your Programming Skills

“ First, solve the problem. Then, write the code. ” – John Johnson

The question that novice programmers often ask is, How to improve programming skills? If you had this question in mind and if you are reading this article with the hope of getting ideas to improve your programming skills, Congratulations, you are at the right place.

Here are 5 ways to Improve Programming Skills.

1.Practice, Practice, and Practice:


You may have mastered hundreds of programming languages and tools, but the only way to improve your programming skills is by applying them.

  • Pick one interesting project which excites you, Work on that.
  • Join competitive coding. There are a large number of websites that test your ability to use code for problem-solving that you might not encounter every day. Sites such as Code chef and Coder Byte are set up to test how you would use code to solve various problems.
  • Here are few tips to Practice…
  1. Use sticky notes. Use it to remind yourself of what you have to do.
  2. Earmark a few hours every day for programming. Follow it with no exceptions.
  3. Reward yourself of completion of programming tasks before the deadline.
  • And the ultimate way to get good practice is by joining in a good company, where coding takes the front seat and not the excel sheets.

2.Keep Learning:

keep learning

Some people never give learning much thought which it deserves. They pick up bits and pieces in an unstructured way, learning just enough to get through the job at hand. Often, they just shrug and give up – calling out a handyman for every little thing, or asking a colleague at work to do something “difficult” for them.

If you ignore the important of continuous learning, you will:

  • waste moneyYou keep needing to pay for professional help – when it’s a task that you could’ve learn how to do yourself. Maybe you “can’t cook” so you always eat out.
  • Miss opportunities: You get passed over for promotions, because you don’t show any interest in picking up new skills at work.
  • Lose a great source of fun and fulfillment : There’s enormous satisfaction to be found in learning things and really getting a new concept or skill. Don’t let any bad memories of school put you off.

3.Read and write Blogs:

read and writeBlogs are often written by programmers themselves and most of them share their personal view and experience which are often relevant. Also, blogs  are a small piece of information so they can be digested well. A blog also helps to learn new technology and new features of existing language and API.

And writing blogs helps you build your professional network and as well as, helps other beginner level programmers.

4.Code Review:


Code review helps to become a good solid programmer. Code review helps both reviewer and author. Reviewer can improve his/her code sense and offer genuine advice while author learns from his/her mistakes. It often helps that the code you think is rock solid, has some bugs which only other programmer can see, Code review and four eye check does that for you. If you are lucky and get a chance to work in a company which has unit testing, code review as discipline then you are likely to be a better programmer than rest. These two things immensely help to improve programming skill.

5.Master the Tools and Languages you use:

language ussFocus on developing a solid grasp of the advanced concepts in that language, and gain familiarity with core, language libraries.  Make sure that at least one of your languages is a scripting language (e.g. C#) that you can use as your Swiss army knife for quick tasks.

If you are not too efficient on your Visual Studio or any other IDE, ask some of your more effective co-workers if they would mind you watching them for a bit while they are coding.  Are they using keyboard shortcuts or editor functionality that you are not familiar with? Does that make them much more efficient?  If so, learn and practice the same.  Search for productivity tips online for whatever development environment you use.

While coding, your coding skills will improve; coding will show you some barriers you will need to bypass and you will find new problems you will want to solve.

Just do it…Happy coding




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