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Interview Questions and Answer
a. For every module create a New Folder
b. For every module create a New Area
c. Under Controllers, Models and Views folders create subfolder for each module
d. Split them into multiple applications
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a. RedirectToAction("Home", "Index", "Admin");
b. RedirectToAction("Index", "Home", new { Area = "Admin" });
c. RedirectToAction("Home", "Index", new { Area = "Admin" });
d. RedirectToAction("Index", "Home", "Admin");
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a. AreaRegistration.Register()
b. AreaRegistration.RegisterAllAreas()
c. Registration.RegisterAllAreas()
d. Registration.RegisterAreas()
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a. Overriding the Area URL Prefix
b. Ignoring Area URLs for Certain Routes
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above
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a. Every Area will generate separate Controller,View,Model
b. We can use any file of project in any Area(ex:Scripts,Global.asax etc...)
c. We can have any number of Areas in Project.
d. All of the above.
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a. ActionMethod/ControllerName/AreaName d.
b. ControllerName/AreaName/ActionMethod
c. ActionMethod/AreaName/ControllerName
d. AreaName/ControllerName/ActionMethod
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