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Interview Questions and Answer
a. ViewBag
b. ViewData
c. TempData
d. Cookies
e. Sessions
f. Query String
g. All the above
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a. CSHTML page without having code behind file.
b. Server side code cannot be written.
c. Request to view can be directly submitted by client.
d. One can use inline code to develop dynamic page.
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a. It makes use of server forms and server controls
b. it provides clean html and easy Integrated Javascript and jquery
c. The URL's are restfull and user friendly and enables search in the optimization.
d. It uses viewstate to manage controle states in roundtrip.
e. It doesn't support HTTP Sessions
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a. Controller interaction Model & View
b. Controller Handles Businness logic
c. Controller manages HTML input elements
d. Controller commands to Model to update the state
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a. WindowsForms
b. Console
c. Web Forms
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a. To manage State of the Application
b. Validation Logic
c. Business and Data Access Logic
d. Provide HTML for Browser
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a. It is used to generate HTML o/p of an application
b. In View we can write C# code.
c. When project is compiled Views along with Source code are included in DLL.
d. View files can have either VBHTML or CSHTML.
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a. View object refers to the model and controller objects.
b. Controller has a reference to model and view.
c. Model refers the controller and view.
d. ) All 3 objects are independent and do not have reference of each other.
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