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a. Application JavaScript and XML
b. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
c. Application JDK and XML
d. Asynchronous JDK and XML
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a. We can avoid flickering when some action is performed.
b. Multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously when some action is running in background.
c. Performance of the website becomes fast.
d. All the above
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a. The server information cannot be accessed within AJAX.
b. AJAX is not well integrated with all the browsers
c. Search engines would not be able to index an AJAX application
d. ActiveX requests are enabled only in IE 5 and IE6
e. Data of all requests is URL-encoded, which increases the size of the request.
f. above all
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a. JavaScript
b. XMLHttpRequest
c. Document Object Model (DOM)
d. Extensible HTML (XHTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
e. Above All
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