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a. {{expression : filter1,filter2}}
b. {{expression || filter1 , filter2}}
c. {{expression | filter1 |filter2}}
d. {{expression : filter1 : filter2}}
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a. Filters can take Objects as inputs.
b. Filters can take Primitive values as inputs.
c. Filters will get executed when there is a change in input.
d. Core filters in angular are not $stateful
e. All the above
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a. Only assumption I is implicit
b. only assumption II is implicit.
c. Neither I nor II is implicit.
d. Either I or II is implicit.
e. Both I and II are implicit.
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a. returns object.
b. returns function.
c. returns string.
d. returns nothing.
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a. only one
b. two
c. atleast one
d. many
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