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BestDotNetTraining Bundled Courses give you the ability to get all the training you need at a reduced price, at your own pace, and in the order that fits your schedule. We have taken the courses we offer and separated them into packages that fit your goals, your industry, and your training requirements. It is the best way to save time and money because you don't have to evaluate each course individually or build your own path to your successful future.

This Course includes exhaustive and efficient learning content on 8 advanced skillsets, which are used in relatively high end and complex software development situations. This guide will be useful for a Software Engineer, senior software engineer, Team lead, Project Manager Etc.

Reference material, assignments, exercises for practice are included in this package.

UI Developer Technologies

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  • Realistic and not aspirational learning objectives.
  • Efficient learning content on 28 most sought after Technologies.
  • Content created with focus on achieving learning objectives.
  • Focus on Application and Integration of acquired knowldge & skill.
  • SME Assist stands for Subject Matter Expert Assist- a value added service where in you will be tagged to an expert to make your learning more efficient.

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Demo Videos

JAVASCRIPT Introduction

Mr. Sandeep Soni

HTML-CSS Introduction

Mr. Sandeep Soni

HTML5-CSS3 Introduction

Mr. Sandeep Soni

JQUERY-AJAX Introduction

Mr. Sandeep Soni

BOOTSTRAP Introduction

Mr. Sandeep Soni

KNOCKOUTJS Introduction

Mr. Sandeep Soni

ANGULARJS Introduction

Mr. Sandeep Soni

ANGULAR4 Introduction

Mr. Sandeep Soni

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Trainer Profile

Mr. Sandeep Soni, CEO & Founder of Deccansoft Software Services. is brain child of Mr. Sandeep Soni.This site has been developed to break the barriers of traditional classroom-style education beyond the geographical and time zone barriers and reach audience all over the world.

From his engineering days, Sandeep has been in love with Microsoft Technologies. He has worked hard to learn MS Technologies, worked harder on executing ......

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