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Hi, I am .Net Developer and have been learning on my Job. I have been looking for quality courses for about 3yrs to learn all concepts and .Net basics and finally ended up in this site.  I like Sandeep's way of teaching and its the best of all the sites out there. You guys are doing the best that you are in.  Thanks.

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I have taken online sharepoint 2010 training from April 2012 to Sep 2012 trained by Sandeep Soni sir. I have enjoyed a lot while learning the course. Sandeep sir is great trainer. He was explained IIS and Sharepoint very well. I got motivation after listening his lessons. He has replied many of my questions quickly and he clarified well.

Thanks a lot Sandeep Sir. I never forget you in my life ... I am looking forward to join Sharepoint 2013.


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Hi this is Prasanna,

I joined in sandeep sir .net course, he is a very good trainer (obviously everyone knows). The very good thing about him is he not only teaches the course, he always tries to put the students in right direction with his words. If you approach him with your problem regarding the subject, then definitely he will suggest you, the same thing I did, I got benefit & I am really enjoying that. Now I got job INGERSOLLRAND @Bangalore. He never  allow students those  who come  late to class , I am one among them , I still remembers the days, I use to run on road near paradise signal to rush into class within time. Now I am very punctual to my office.  Every day 10mins before the class ends we had an activity like one person among the class give a speech on any topic, which gives really a boost up in our interviews.  Sandeep divided my classmates into several groups and we you use to discuss about the subject, previous classes (if someone absent, the next day any one of the batch met should tell them), doubts, we shared our knowledge. Especially I got so many friends here. Also I am very happy for being a part of HILL CLIMBING (@Ammuguda,Hyd) with our batch Mets and Deccan soft staff.

Also Rahul sir (SharePoint), he helped me a lot, he always cool and answers to all my questions with lot of patience, thanks a lot Rahul for this.

Sirisha madam, she helps me in lab a lot, thank you madam.

Sandeep sir always says one word I still remembered which is “Always share others happiness, then happiness comes to you”.   Sandeep, u just Rokzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also,I appreciate the best support of kasmira  , sateesh for students behalf of Deccansoft.

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Sukhdev Singh

Hi guys These videos are awsome and there is lot of real time knowlegede in there.I have watched all the sharepoint vidoes and fully confident to work as sharepoint admin.Just with the help of these video session i got the job offer.Anyone who need training in sharepoint ,does not need to join any training classes ,just watch these videos couple of time you will feel pretty confident of working as sharePoint admin.

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For all .net developers and newbies in Microsoft world I will recommend best dot training by Sandeep Sir for his excellent teaching. He not only teaches hard topics very well but also make you understand the small small topics which you never get understand from any other source.

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I select the WPF tutorials and from what I have actually seen, it was really clear to understand and to apply in practice.  Thank you so much.

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I recently finished my online .net training course from USA. Explanation given by Sandeep sir for each and every topic make me feel that I can never forget the Subject.I feel he is the "BEST BEST" trainer I had ever seen.I really feel lucky to be part of Deccansoft Training Sessions.Thank you once again sir.

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Donald Gee

I have worked in the technology field for over 10 years here in the USA.  I chose as a field of study to help me transition from windows based programming to web based development.  I recently studied the ASP.NET course taught by Sandeep through BestDotNetTraining after taking several courses here in the USA.  The level of training is superior to anything I was able to find in San Diego at the local community college or at the University.  Therefore, recommend these course to anyone trying to learn ASP.NET.

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