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  • Posted By: surbhi 10/14/2012

  • For all .net developers and newbies in Microsoft world I will recommend best dot training by Sandeep Sir for his excellent teaching. He not only teaches hard topics very well but also make you understand the small small topics which you never get understand from any other source.

  • Posted By: Miqi 9/6/2012

  • I select the WPF tutorials and from what I have actually seen, it was really clear to understand and to apply in practice.  Thank you so much.

  • Posted By: Shanti 7/3/2012

  • I recently finished my online .net training course from USA. Explanation given by Sandeep sir for each and every topic make me feel that I can never forget the Subject.I feel he is the "BEST BEST" trainer I had ever seen.I really feel lucky to be part of Deccansoft Training Sessions.Thank you once again sir.

  • Posted By: Donald Gee 6/14/2012

  • I have worked in the technology field for over 10 years here in the USA.  I chose as a field of study to help me transition from windows based programming to web based development.  I recently studied the ASP.NET course taught by Sandeep through BestDotNetTraining after taking several courses here in the USA.  The level of training is superior to anything I was able to find in San Diego at the local community college or at the University.  Therefore, recommend these course to anyone trying to learn ASP.NET.

  • Posted By: Lokanath Kasturi 5/29/2012

  • I am a Chartered Accountant in Practice (CA/ Auditor). Though I am not an Information Technology Professional, I have subscribed the courses as I am passionate about IT. I am quite enjoying the course delivered by Mr. Sandeep Soni. Thank you very much for your support.

  • Posted By: Ashok 3/25/2012

  • Hi I have recently started my carrier in DotNet in Abroad. I have gone through lot of dotnet materials. I would say Sandeep Soni is best trainer.

    Thanks a lot for wonderful training.....

  • Posted By: mujeeb ahmed 1/4/2012

  • Sandeep soni is great trainer. I have taken his online lectures. But I was really impressed by the teaching method of Sir Sandeep.

  • Posted By: Shravan 12/20/2011

  • I attended the ASP.NET classes by Sandeep Soni Sir. Not only were the concepts explained clearly, but Sir went over and beyond just the syllabus, so that students had a clear understanding of the application of these concepts. The guidance he provided was really good. Thank you Sir.

  • Posted By: Ramahan Vangoju 12/8/2011

  • Hi,

    I have joined MS.NET Course in Deccansoft in the batch of JUL -NOV 2011 trained by Sandeep Soni. Before joining DeccanSoft i decided to learn .NET on my own (with google support) but there was no consistency in learning. When i asked my friends and coleagues regarding .NET training they have referred Sandeep Sir is the only option. I have gone through the testimonials before i joined the DS. I was really impressed to listen about Sandeep Sir. I would like to Thanks to Sandeep sir for his efforts to mould us from a raw material to useful products to the Software industry..

    Before Joining Course in Deccansoft: I was in a confusion to where to start .NET and how to proceed ..Apart from this i had less confidence in speaking to my superiors...

    After Completion of Course:

    Now I got the clarity in learning .NET concepts and applying them.. Such a systematic training was provided by Sandeep sir..

    As everyone told in their testimonies Apart from .NET you will definitely get Motivation things which will help you to realize and change to a better life. Now am in a stage to handle my superiors confidently.. I learned punctuality at DeccanSoft which was not there with me before joining DeccanSoft. I will definitely join for SharePoint by Sandeep shortly once i finish all my .NET practise.

    Thanks a lot to Sandeep Sir.


    Ramahan Vangoju

  • Posted By: sunil malpani 11/22/2011

  • Hi,

    i am a business man , just went for a demo class in Deccan soft. listening his first class i was so impressed that next day i joined the class next day . There in the class i found that its not only the subject .net  is trained but also a subject called humanity is also trained which is most important for every human being.

    Hence after completing the course i feel that i am not only good in .net but also the best human nature. My attitude towards life is changed, My confidence is high, My language is better , and my personality is improved . as if i felt i can face any challenge in my life

    sandeep sir is the real guru in today's world

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