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Alexander Karuga

In the past I took .NET classes from various trainers but ended up not learning much due to the shallow  and perhaps incompetent way they covered the .NET course. One day as I was just surfing the net, I came across this site. Out of curiosity I decided to try the free modules in .NET courses and see how they were. I was amazed at how thorough and clearly the course was presented by Sandeep Soni. Presentation  and the organization of course material was excellent making it easy to understand the concepts and generally the course.For the first time I started understanding C#,ASP.NET,WinForms programming.

Sandeep Soni is arguably among the best trainers you will ever find in .NET. Today I am a subscriber to the site taking several courses related to .NET.

Way to go Sandeep......!
Thank You!

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Mohan kumar MB

seriously every penny i paid is worth for taking a course here :) feelin gud thanks to sandeep soni

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Imre Leber

During the christmas holidays of 2012-2013 I saw the WPF training videos once. After that I was able to write a commercial client application, which has in the mean time been deployed to the customer. Before my knowledge of .NET was limited to some very simple winforms applications.

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Sachin Singh

It may too early for me to write a testimonial because I just joined .NET training just few days back. Its already 5 yrs in IT industry(Legacy Systems) and have listened to many corporate trainers.Where  Sandeep stands out is the way he approaches the subject and the way he motivates the beginners. Examples used in the classes are so relevant that beginner(me) in .Net understand it so well. I wish him all the best for all he is doing for the trainees.I am quite impressed by him.

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I am proud to say that i am a student of Mr sandeep soni. what ever knowledge that i had acquired on .net as of today the full credit goes to Mr sandeep soni. The way he teaches the subject and the best part of this teaching is he goes to the granular level of the subject. touches every aspect of the topic (Pin to plane). an excellent orator. I will remember you Mr sandeep till my last breath.

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Sandeep soni is awesome. I bought his C#, ASP.NET,Web Services and WCF videos and just watched these videos and got in to a job very easily(I am serious..!!) Thanks Deccansoft and thanks sandeep soni

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Todays programming world is abstract with a black hole of encapsulation, Sandeep soni is a source of light in this black hole, You are a good trainer i wish you were in Pune.

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I am in IT Field from last three years in telecom ISP field. I don't know .NET to date. When i came to Hyderabad this February 2013 i don't know even A B C D of .NET. I have taken the classroom training first. After that i think that i have to subscribe for Online video.I have subscribed now and after seeing videos i got a huge confidence. Recently i switched my field and now i can say that i know .NET. After doing classroom training i understand that online videos are the best thing you should have.These videos are really excellent. I think that Mr Sandeep is the person who let me think that i am on the right path of my Predefined carrier.Now i have a particular goal. And i achieve it definitely. Thank you Mr. Sandeep. Thank allot.

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