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  • Posted By: khalid Ahmed UK 7/5/2015

  • I joined Deccansoft because i have watched YouTube videos of Sandeep sir, i travelled from UK to India to learn from sandeep sir , I wish u more happy year to come you and your family not forgetting your staff

  • Posted By: Prashanthi Hamsa 2/7/2015

  • Deccan soft means sandeepsoni. It was a great experience being a student of you.I got good confidence in subject.I thank you sir.

  • Posted By: Ajay 12/30/2014

  • Before Deccansoft , I was nothing in Programming, but today i can say that i can do it.

  • Posted By: Sree 10/24/2014

  • I worked in IT for 5 years completely in different technology. I took a 2 years of break. When I planned to work again, I came across this website and saw the demos. I finalized to study Dotnet. I just studied from the scratch. I took the whole package course and gone through all the courses. I became fit to search for Dotnet jobs within 3 months and I just cracked the interviews. I would say only because of Sandeep soni, I got a job again within the short span of time. This gave me good confidence. He just teaches even the very complex topics with ease. Thank you Sir!

  • Posted By: vishnuvardhan 10/23/2014

  • Really,the best .NET coaching and sandeep soni awesome teaching.

  • Posted By: Vikram 9/5/2014

  • So far in my life I had never seen such a great teaching abilities of the person. Sandeep Soni Sir, it's just been found in

    God Father of MS.NET

  • Posted By: abdul 5/9/2014

  • I would like to inform you that I have completed my enrolled DotNet course.

    Sir, may I take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in your DotNet classes? I can’t think of a class room teacher who could take effort and explain any more special than you did on the video lessons.

    You truly are a professional teacher because of your sheer dedication, Especially when teaching the courses, you always made clearing the doubts in advance which  would have arise  from most of the learners.  I will never forget the activities and the real-life examples included in your video lessons. It made much easier to recall the codes when being practiced.

    Thank you very much for all of your effort and dedication, I have enjoyed your class very much and have developed a greater background in Dot Net technology with C#.  I am so blessed to have you as the teacher for me to this course.

  • Posted By: Martin Djerf 3/15/2014

  • Im a college student of IT and I have taken the C# course several times to keep myself updated all the time. I can honestly say that this is one of the best courses I've ever taken. BestDotNetTraining is pure knowledge compared to the classes I take at university. After I bought the video courses I can say with confidence that I know how to program, something I found difficult to say when I just had my university training.

  • Posted By: Alexander Karuga 11/6/2013

  • In the past I took .NET classes from various trainers but ended up not learning much due to the shallow  and perhaps incompetent way they covered the .NET course. One day as I was just surfing the net, I came across this site. Out of curiosity I decided to try the free modules in .NET courses and see how they were. I was amazed at how thorough and clearly the course was presented by Sandeep Soni. Presentation  and the organization of course material was excellent making it easy to understand the concepts and generally the course.For the first time I started understanding C#,ASP.NET,WinForms programming.

    Sandeep Soni is arguably among the best trainers you will ever find in .NET. Today I am a subscriber to the site taking several courses related to .NET.

    Way to go Sandeep......!
    Thank You!

  • Posted By: Mohan kumar MB 11/2/2013

  • seriously every penny i paid is worth for taking a course here :) feelin gud thanks to sandeep soni

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