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Shyam Maggo

I have joined the Deccansoft Gold program and highly recommend it. Sandeep has in-depth knowledge on the topics he teaches and he is full of energy and enthu which motivates you to learn new technologies and his way of teaching is unique and very positive.

I highly recommend Deccansoft.

Posted Date: 11/28/2020
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I used to come across the need to upgrade myself to new technologies due to project requirement or because of my passion to keep updated with new technologies for better prospects. So after exploring online, I felt bestdotnettraining is great platform for it.

What I really like about it is Sandeep sir’s style of teaching which is very close to real time programming in projects.

Major advantage I have noticed with GOLD membership is that, most of the courses are taught by Sandeep sir. So going through the different technical courses taught by one such very good trainer definitely helped in establishing the connectivity between those different technologies.

In my opinion, people who are aspiring to become full stack .Net developer would definitely get benefitted out of the Gold membership.Also strongly recommend Microsoft Azure for those who want to master in it.

Considering the competitive training market, if the gold membership cost is made affordable and also the duration of the subscription is increased then it would be really helpful for everyone to maintain long term association with DeccanSoft.

Consider making fast track videos for those who want to quickly refresh the concepts for new assignments,certifications and interviews

I am very happy with Sandeep sir’s great training content and I would rate 8.5 out of 10 for Deccansoft services

Posted Date: 10/24/2020
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Karunasree Jetty

Sandeep Soni is an ocean of knowledge with attention to detail and exceptional enthusiasm. He welcomes all kinds of queries and tries to help in every way possible. The dedication and sincerity towards his job are just outrightly visible to anyone who passes by. The passion to dig deep for better understanding and generously sharing that knowledge just sets him apart and demonstrates his general outlook towards life.

I have initially taken a course on Microservices, and as I kept attending classes, I got interested in Azure and had moved on to gold membership. Then I attended DevOps course. Though it isn’t my role of responsibilities, it provided a view into things I haven’t done previously and widened my perspective, contributing to clarity. Moving on to gold membership was one of the best decisions as it includes

•      Getting access to an entire set of courses, especially Azure. I could brush up on any topic I felt rusty on. This is like polishing yourself wherever needed. Each topic is dealt with such attention to detail that you find something new every time you go through the video and the handouts are very clear in terms of steps of instruction. A quick go through of the handouts is also very useful when in a time crunch.

•      Live Courses. The highest value adds would be attending live courses as it entails completing the course in a particular timeline, in a systematic way especially added with the enthusiasm and motivation of Sandeep Soni. Also, the timely support received from him in terms of clarifying doubts and even fixings issues on your behalf through screen share shows his immense sense of responsibility towards his work. I benefitted hugely from it, not only in terms of technical knowledge but also the general attitude towards making a difference. Also, we have witnessed multiple times he never gives up, whenever something doesn’t work. It is a great learning experience, and you can’t help but inculcate at least some of it.

•      Another exclusive experience with gold membership is peeking into things that haven’t been your area of work. Like if you are a developer, you can peek into DevOps side or any other area of interest. It widens your horizon in terms of looking at holistic software development and you will never know when you have started to enjoy the process of learning, but it happens.

I would wish everyone to take advantage of everything that is offered here while it is still available. You never know how it might change you. I only wish my membership never ends, for I know for sure, new things will always be updated here. I am grateful for being able to drink from this fountain of knowledge and will rate it a solid 10. I thank Sandeep Soni, for choosing this profession and giving it everything.

It’s one of my mission to upgrade and imbibe the essence of such a huge treasure of a person.

Posted Date: 10/22/2020
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Robert D

This is THE BEST resource I have found for this material.

I have tried Pluralsight and Udemy, some are good on those sites but this is the whole package and the teacher is the best of all I have seen. I wish I had found Sandeeps courses 2 years ago!

His style is very direct and clear.

Posted Date: 12/9/2019
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Kavali Rakesh

I am old student of sandeep soni sir, i took .net training on multiple institutes but not satisfied, i came to Deccansoft for .net training, the way sandeep soni sir explained .net is we can really feel real time training from basic to very advanced, i worked in deccansoft, now i am working in south africa as sr. consultant an  started my own consultancy also. i am very thankful to Sandeep Soni sir.

Posted Date: 8/16/2019
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Imran Jalali

I have been learning from Best Dot Net Training since last year, I found  Mr. Sandeep, Mr. Rahul are excellent trainers and knows their  subjects very well. It's quite hard to find such trainers  who can brings attention to details of the subject. This is perhaps the best site to learn .NET related training.

Posted Date: 7/7/2019
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Mohan Billakanti

I have attended AZ 100 +AZ 101 + AZ 203 training by Sandeep Soni. Sandeep covers all the topics in detail, and demonstrate all the features in class using Azure portal/power shell/visual studio. His course material is awesome, it is very simple and with detailed steps to achieve desired functionality. It helps us to practice what we have learnt/saw in class.  He gives everybody a chance to ask questions, and address them all with lot of patience. He is always willing to help you in different ways, be it answering your real time scenarios or preparing for certification exams etc.

If we attend this course, and practice all the topics as given in handouts/material, I am pretty sure we can clear the certification easily. I personally cleared AZ-100 successfully with his guidance and by practicing all the topics.

One thing I would like to point out is, I am a Developer by role, and has very limited knowledge about Networking. Sandeep’s Azure Virtual Networking classes were really awesome, he covers all the basics in detail and it helped me understand things better.

Thank you Sandeep for all the help and support.  I really recommend this course to any professional who is seeking a career in azure or interested in learning azure.

Posted Date: 5/21/2019
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I had Azure Advanced Training and found its really very useful . Mr Sandeep carefully balanced the time with Theory, practicals and breaks so that we are completely engaged and learned vast number of topics in 5 days.
I am very Thankful to him

Posted Date: 4/5/2019
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