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Over 1/3rd of fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint. However they are not using it to do the same things and that is what makes it difficult to explain what SharePoint does. SharePoint is not one software program but a platform for several different kinds of programs. SharePoint works as a backend system that ties all your employees PC’s and mobile devices together allowing them all to communicate together, allowing them all to communicate and synchronize their efforts. The basic goal is to make it possible for a company with hundred employees spread over the region to work with the same agility and coordination as a company with ten people working out of single office.

Presenting “SharePoint 2013 Admin & Development Ground-Up course” – a complete guide for developing and maintaining SharePoint environment. SharePoint is mostly used by larger organization. Follow SharePoint 2013 Admin & Development ground up course and you will become a human resource difficult to ignore by companies.

This Guide includes efficient and exhaustive learning content on Admin as well Development aspect of SharePoint Environment. Many IT companies are looking for Resources with SharePoint Skills. This guide will be useful for anyone who is looking to develop SharePoint skills both in Admin role as well Developer.

Technology Training Components

JQuery & Ajax
Asp.net Webforms
SharePoint 2013 Fundamentals
SharePoint Admin
SharePoint Development

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Subscribe for the SharePoint 2013 Admin & Development from Ground-Up @ $350/- for 8 months


  • One stop for all training requirement of MS.NET & Related technologies.
  • Realistic and not aspirational learning objectives.
  • Efficient learning content on 28 most sought after Technologies.
  • Content created with focus on achieving learning objectives.
  • Focus on Application and Integration of acquired knowldge & skill.
  • SME Assist stands for Subject Matter Expert Assist-€“ a value added service where in you will be tagged to an expert to make your learning more efficient.

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Mr.Sandeep Soni

Mr. Sandeep Soni
Microsoft Certified Trainer

Mr.Sandeep Soni, is a Microsoft certified Trainer. he has many more cerifications.He has been training for last 20 years. He has worked with with many Fortune 500 Technology companies as their prefered Training partner. Apart from training he also leads a team of software developersand have built and deployed many applications/ solutions in various Industries.

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Structured Learning Path

Every learner or individual is unique and their learning path is function of their current position, experience and aspirations.

With 20 years of training experience which includes training close to 70000 individual, Mr. Sandeep Soni is arguably the best trainer who will understand your present position and prescribe a learning path that will help you achieve your desired learning outcomes.

“Seldom, you get a product which works as the bible for learning programming and after you have learnt and practicing, it turns into an encyclopedia or dictionary to bail you out from troubled situations… a must have for anyone serious about programming career.”

- Arvind Narayanan

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